Profile of Dr. Thomas Sisk

Center for Sustainable Environments
Northern Arizona University
P.O. Box 5694
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5694
Phone: (928) 523-7183

Current Position: Professor of Ecology; Graduate Programs Director, Center for Sustainable Environments

Education: Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Stanford University

Dr. Sisk’s work focuses on three interrelated objectives: improving our understanding of ongoing environmental change; engaging others in the challenges, societal relevance, and rewards of conservation; and providing solutions to emerging problems facing policy makers and land managers. His research spans a broad range of topics related to the restoration and conservation of biodiversity and sensitive habitats, combining field study, geographic analysis, and spatial modeling. Siske also studies methods for engaging people in science-based environmental policy and planning. His work focuses primarily on the ecosystems of arid North America. A native of New Mexico, Dr. Sisk has worked around the world, developing a broad perspective on science, government, and the environment. Before joining the faculty at Northern Arizona University, he directed an international program in tropical conservation for the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University and served as a Special Assistant to the Director of the National Biological Service, U.S. Department of the Interior (1994-1996).

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