Profile of Dr. John Dennis

National Park Service
1100 Ohio Drive SouthwestJohn Dennis
Washington, DC 20242
Phone: (202) 513-7174

Current position: Deputy Chief Scientist with the National Park Service

Dennis is Deputy Chief Scientist with the National Park Service (NPS), focusing on guidance for acquisition and management application of applied science. His work involves interdisciplinary teamwork and engages scientists, scholars and managers from across the NPS and other organizations. Topics have included NPS management policies, its internet-based system for administering park Scientific Research and Collecting Permits, the Department of the Interior’s adaptive management guidance documents, guidance for scientific and scholarly integrity and peer review, the National Vegetation Classification Standard (where ESA is a significant partner), guidance for implementing sharing of benefits from commercial application of research results, observation of response of tundra vegetation to wildfire, policy options for restoring American chestnut to units of the national park system and the use of structured decision making to inform park management regarding options for adapting a rare salamander to climate change.

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