Profile of Dr. Ellen Pikitch


Institute for Ocean Conservation ScienceEllen Pikitch
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5000
Phone: (631) 632-9325 – Office, (631) 626-2090 – Cell

Current position: Professor and Executive Director, Institute for Ocean Conservation Science 

Pikitch’s research through the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science focuses on ocean conservation, fisheries management, ecosystem-based approaches, endangered fishes, sharks, and sturgeon. Pikitch currently serves as chairperson of the Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force, a global team of scientists and policy experts working to develop science-based methods to sustain and manage forage fish and small schooling fish that are food for marine mammals, seabirds, and humans, but are being depleted from our oceans. Her research also focuses on advancing knowledge about vulnerable and ecologically important marine animals that are understudied, including research into sharks, whose populations are declining due to destructive commercial fishing practices and endangered sturgeon.

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