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Officers of the Paleoecology Section include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Deevey Award Committee Chair, and Student Liaison. Officers are elected by majority vote of members attending the Paleoecology Section business meeting at the ESA Annual Meeting. Section officers serve for one year starting from the date of the annual business meeting, except for the Secretary who serves for two years.

2017-2018 Officers:

Chair: Melissa Chipman, Northwestern University,

Vice-Chair: Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin – Madison,

Secretary:  Gavin Simpson, University of Regina,

Chair of the Deevey Award Committee: Philip Higuera, University of Montana,

Student Liaison: Joseph Napier, University of Illinois,

Officer History (1976-present):

1976 1977 Allen M. Solomon Harold C. Fritts Grace S. Brush NA NA
1977 1978 Allen M. Solomon Michael J. Duever Grace S. Brush NA NA
1978 1979 Michael J. Duever Paul A. Delcourt Hazel R. Delcourt NA NA
1979 1980 Paul A. Delcourt Kenneth Cole Hazel R. Delcourt NA NA
1980 1981 Kenneth Cole Hazel R. Delcourt Allen M. Solomon NA NA
1981 1982 Hazel R. Delcourt Michael J. Duever Allen M. Solomon NA NA
1982 1983 Grace S. Brush Edward J. Cushing Emily W. B. Russell NA NA
1983 1984 Harold C. Fritts Michael W. Binford Emily W. B. Russell NA NA
1984 1985 Michael W. Binford Eric Grim Emily W. B. Russell NA NA
1985 1986 Eric Grim Ray Spear Emily W. B. Russell NA NA
1986 1987 Emily W. B. Russell Paul A Colinvaux Mark W. Schwartz NA NA
1987 1988 Emily W. B. Russell Kenneth Cole Mark W. Schwartz NA NA
1988 1989 Kenneth Cole Jonathan Overpeck James S. Clark NA NA
1989 1990 Jonathan Overpeck Jane Beiswenger James S. Clark NA NA
1990 1991 Jane Beiswenger Allen Solomon Steve Jackson NA NA
1991 1992 Allen Solomon Steve Jackson Shinya Sugita NA NA
1992 1993 Steve Jackson Gearge A. King Shinya Sugita NA NA
1993 1994 George A. King Ray W. Spear Shinya Sugita NA NA
1994 1995 Ray W. Spear Richard Brugam Shinya Sugita NA NA
1995 1996 Richard Brugam Virgina M. Card Shinya Sugita NA NA
1996 1997 Virginia M. Card Feng Sheng Hu Shinya Sugita NA NA
1997 1998 Feng Sheng Hu Dirk Verschuren William Hilgartner NA NA
1998 1999 Dirk Verschuren Andrea Lloyd William Hilgartner NA NA
1999 2000 Virginia M. Card Emily Heyerdahl Tim Parshall NA NA
2000 2001 Emily Heyerdahl Jack Williams Tim Parshall NA NA
2001 2002 Jack Williams Dan Gavin Holly Ewing Emily Heyerdahl NA
2002 2003 Dan Gavin Bryan Shuman Holly Ewing -999 NA
2003 2004 Bryan Shuman Robert K. Booth -999 Jason Lynch NA
2004 2005 Robert K. Booth Sara Hotchkiss -999 Jason Lynch NA
2005 2006 Sara Hotchkiss Sara Finkelstein -999 Jason Lynch NA
2006 2007 Sara Finkelstein Richard Brugam Philip Higuera Jason Lynch NA
2007 2008 Richard Brugam Kendra McLauchlan Philip Higuera Jason Lynch NA
2008 2009 Kendra McLauchlan Kendra McLauchlan Philip Higuera Jason Lynch NA
2009 2010 Kendra McLauchlan Dave Nelson Philip Higuera Jason Lynch NA
2010 2011 Dave Nelson Paul Henne Jennifer Marlon -999 -999
2011 2012 Paul Henne Jacquelyn  Gill Jennifer Marlon Kendra McLauchlan -999
2012 2013 Jacquelyn Gill Philip  Higuera -999 Kendra McLauchlan William John Calder
2013 2014 Philip Higuera Jacquelyn  Gill William John Calder Ryan Kelly Melissa Chipman
2014 2015 Jacquelyn Gill  Gavin Simpson Melissa Chipman Ryan Kelly  Kyleen Kelly
2015 2016 Gavin Simpson Carolyn  Dash  Jacquelyn Gill  Melissa Chipman Kyleen Kelly
 2016  2017  Carolyn Dash  Melissa Chipman  Gavin Simpson  Gavin Simpson  Matias Fernandez
 2017  2018  Melissa Chipman  Jack Williams  Gavin Simpson  Philip Higuera  Joe Napier