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Third International Conference in China

Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Food and Energy
Production and Environmental Protection

The Second International Nitrogen Conference took place October 14-18, 2001 outside of Washington DC in Potomac, Maryland, USA. Over 400 scientists, engineers, resource managers, decision makers, and policy analysts from 30 countries attended with the goals of helping nations make optimal choices about nitrogen management in food production, energy production and use and environmental protection.

What began in the Netherlands in 1998 with the First International Nitrogen Conference continues with Products and other activities to disseminate the results of the Second Conference, and plans for a Third Conference in Beijing, China in 2004.

N2001 Conference Participants

American Society of Agronomy
USDA Agriculture
Environmental Protection Agency
Crop Science Society of America
Dutch Ministry of Housing..
The Fertilizer Institute
Soil Science Society of America

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration