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Child Care

Day Care for Young Children

For young children up to 8 years old we will once again have KiddieCorp provide day care. Registration for child care will open early April and the link will be listed here.

Day Care for Older Children

Mad Science Summer Day Camp

Mad Science programs are designed to spark imaginative learning! The camps engage students in a series of fun hands-on experiments and demonstrations that include at least on take-home science project.  The camp will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Our camps are designed to be inquiry-based, hands-on learning opportunities for children from 8 to 13 year old children. The programs offer children a chance to see just how cool science can be!

At ESA’s Annual Meeting, join Mad Science for 4 days of fun  as we explore the Earth, Planets, Stars ..... and beyond, as part of the NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers program.  Delve into the world of chemistry in Crazy Chemworks. Learn how to operate different lab equipment, tell the difference between acids and bases, identify chemical reactions, observe chemistry that happens in the blink of an eye, and bond molecules together in ooey-gooey slime.

TO REGISTER: Once you get to the Mad Science Laboratory website, click on the location option, which is the top box on the left of the page and in the pull down menu select  Ecological Society of America (13th on the list) as your option. From there you can complete the registration process.

Lunch is NOT included in the fee and there will be an extra charge. You can either take your child from 12pm to 1pm and have lunch with them or order lunch and have it delivered to the camp for your child. Please contact Michelle at or call 202-833-8773 ext 219.

Costs: Monday thru Thursday camp $174.00