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Child Care for ESA 93rd Annual Meeting in Milwaukee

KiddieCorp — Programs for children 6 months to 7 years old
Our goal is to make available engaging programs your children will want to attend, while ensuring your critical “peace of mind” that they are in good hands as you attend ESA Annual Meeting activities.

ESA is pleased to have contracted with KiddieCorp for day care services for our attendees’ young children. For more than 20 years, KiddieCorp has offered high quality children's programs and youth services and their staff takes watching your children very seriously. KiddieCorp has enjoyed a long-time partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has helped to establish the firm as a premier provider of child care services at conventions. Online enrollment is now available for morning, afternoon, or full-day child care. Go to this link to register.

Discovery World Summer Camp — Programs for children 8 years to 16 years old
Space is Limited — Make Reservations by June 2 

Looking for fun and educational activities your children can enjoy while you attend the ESA Annual Meeting? Enroll them in the Discovery World Summer Camp, a great place for adventure and learning right on Lake Michigan. Discovery World offers a wide array of unique programs for children 8 to 16 years of age that nourish their special talents and interests and encourage them to be excited about learning.

Program options are listed below. Enrollment is available on only a weekly basis. (Sorry, no daily enrollment is available.) Your child may enroll even if he or she cannot attend all 5 days, but the $240 per week fee for each camp cannot be reduced. Each child will also need to bring money to purchase lunch in the museum café as camp fees do not include lunches. You must register by calling Stacy Mills at 1-414-765-8622.  Because space is limited, be sure to register early to reserve your child’s place.

Ages 8-10
Operation Blast-off: Design your own mission and explore the solar system as you engage in the science of space and travel. Engineer rockets, conduct fuel chemistry experiments, and explore the principles of lift and thrust as you attempt to defy gravity in this hands-on camp.
It’s a Disaster!  Explore the science and power behind natural catastrophes from tsunamis to hurricanes. Learn how these powerful disasters form and how scientists predict them. Create models and your own survival kit to prepare your family.
Seaworthy: Study the science and technology of sailing while you become a boat designer. Learn how boats stay afloat, how wind pushes a sailboat, and the techniques of creating seaworthy vessels as you design, build, and test your own boats.

Ages 11-13
Power Boost: Unlock the explosive power of hydrogen and oxygen. Learn about fuel, flight, blimps, aerodynamics, and living in space as you explore what it takes to reach for the sky. Develop prototypes and test your knowledge of propulsion and thrust through rocket design.
Comics as Communication: Start telling your own story. Discover how the visual language of comics can communicate fascinating tales. Explore the possibilities of this unique medium and lean about strategies that will help you communicate your message.
Laptop DJ: Create your own rhythms, mix beats, and generate your own sound effects as you create your own digital creation using GarageBand software. Design a soundtrack that reflects your personal style and individual taste.

Ages 14-16
Underwater Robotics: Dive into the world of underwater robots as you build and test your own ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). Investigate the principles and technologies of underwater robotic vehicles and their use in discovery, science, and exploration.

Children - from Kidde Corp