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2019 Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Friday 5 April 2019
1800-2100 hrs Opening Social Event BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse
(Bowie, MD)

Saturday 6 April 2019
Student Center Ballroom A-D
0700-0900 hrs Registration
0800-0900 hrs Breakfast
0900-0910 hrs Welcome (Dr. Steve Sheffield)
0910-0920 hrs Welcome (Dr. Patricia Westerman)
0920-0930 hrs Intro to Plenary Session (Dr. Steve Sheffield)
0930-1000 hrs Plenary Talk I (Dr. David Bowne)
Title: Accidentally important: how unintended consequences change the world
1000-1040 hrs Plenary Talk II (Mr. Joseph Galella)
Title: Novel “chemical cocktails” in inland waters are a consequence of the freshwater salinization syndrome

1030-1050 hrs Coffee Break

1050-1130 hrs Plenary Talk III (TBA)
1130-1200 hrs Plenary Discussion Panel
1200-1330 hrs LUNCH
1200-1300 hrs MA-ESA Business Meeting CNSMN 1224

CNSMN 1222
1200-1330 hrs Workshop I (Science Policy 101: ways an ecologist can engage in the policy process)
CNSMN 1220
1200-1330 hrs Workshop II (Career ecology: What’s your story?)
1330-1630 hrs Oral Sessions CNSMN 120-130
1515-1530 hrs Coffee Break CNSMN 130 Lobby
1630-1830 hrs Poster Session CNSMN 1st Floor Hallways

1900-2130 hrs Closing Social Event Student Center Ballrooms A-D
Closing Social Event Speaker – Dr. Robert Musil, President, Rachel Carson Council
Title: Unintended consequences and environmental justice: from Rachel Carson to today
Student Presentation Awards (undergrad, grad, oral, poster)
Book signing – Dr. Musil (2 books)

Sunday 7 April 2019
0900-1200 hrs Field Trip Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (next door to
Bowie State University)