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Petition to Create a New ESA Section for Women and Gender Minorities in Science

The global scientific landscape still grapples with the severe underrepresentation and marginalization of women and gender minorities. Worldwide, only 33% of scientists are women, and the presence of other gender minorities is even scarcer. This underrepresentation not only robs us of the immense talent and potential inherent in every individual but also deprives society of fresh perspectives, innovative approaches, and groundbreaking discoveries. This disparity also poses substantial challenges for women and gender minorities, particularly in ecology and science, where they often struggle to find role models, secure support, or foster connections with peers. 

Toward this aim, we, the undersigned, support creating a section dedicated to supporting women and gender minorities, different disciplinary backgrounds and career stages within ecology and science, and the ESA’s membership.

The benefits of this section include:

  • Encourage opportunities and establish a network of women and other gender minorities for collaboration and support
  • Highlight women and gender minority role models within varying fields of science
  • Dues money for projects, webinars, and grants to benefit members of the section
  • Enhance current efforts for community building like creating and maintaining a space for ongoing communication, support, and resource sharing within the ESA

All ESA members who support these goals are encouraged to sign this petition; it does not obligate one to join the section if approved by the ESA Council.

Petition to Create a New ESA Section for Women and Gender Minorities in Science
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