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How Do I Get Section Support For A Symposium Or Workshop I’m Interested In Organizing?

  • If you are interested in organizing a symposium, and would like the endorsement of the Long-Term Studies Section, please contact the current section Chair or Vice Chair. It is best to do this well in advance of the deadline for symposium proposal submissions, so that the full section membership will have the opportunity to discuss your proposal. Typically the section will endorse only one symposium and one workshop in a given year.

I’m A Student And Would Like To Request Travel Support To The ESA Meeting To Present A Paper Or Poster That Uses Long-Term Data. Can The Long-Term Studies Section Help?

  • Yes, as financial resources of the section permit, the section awards the J.T. Callahan Memorial Student Travel Award. The award is named in honor of the late J.T. “Tom” Callahan, a National Science Foundation program officer who devoted much of his career to advancing the concept of long-term studies. Tom was associated with many different NSF programs and all benefited from his critical thinking and vision for the future of ecology. He was a steadfast champion of institutional and agency support for students, and the naming of these student travel awards after Tom is absolutely appropriate. More information on Tom’s accomplishments is provided in the April 2000 issue of the ESA Bulletin (Vol 81:2 p 116-117). For more information, see the “Awards” page.