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Please review our FAQs below if you have questions about the conference. We will be updating this page as we have more information. If you have other questions not covered here, please contact


What platform will the conference be using? 

We will be using Zoom webtechnology.

How will I join the conference?

If you are a participant, please watch your email for the instructions on how to join the conference on Thursday morning, Oct 21. 

If you are a presenter or moderator, you will receive a unique link in your email for your panel/session.

Where can I see the overall schedule for the Life Discovery Conference? 

You can access the overall schedule on the LDC website:  

Where can I find detailed descriptions of sessions?
Detailed descriptions can be found on the LDC website:
Education Share Fair 
Networking Topics
4DEE Showcase

What time does the conference begin and end each day? 

The conference begins each day at 11:00 AM EDT and ends at 5:00 PM EDT. 

What time should I join session for which I am presenting or planning to participate in? 

When presenting, you should join a session promptly 15 minutes before the scheduled presentation. This will help with any potential technical difficulties that may arise. 

If participating, please join the session about 10 minutes in advance to prevent a jam when everyone tries to join at the same time.

What else should I know about presenting or participating?

We have developed tips for participants, presenters, and moderators. Please review these tips carefully.

Whom do I contact if I cannot get access to a session?  

Please contact or ESA at 202-833-8773 x222  

Can I decide which breakouts I want to attend after the breakout session has started? 

Yes, you can decide which breakout room you would like to attend. We will update this answer when we have final details. 

Will presentations be recorded?

We will record keynotes, the 4DEE showcase, and panel discussions. These will be available after the presentations. We will not be recording breakout sessions.

Will the presenter’s materials be uploaded and available after the conference?

Presenters will be encouraged, but not required, to upload materials and slide presentations.  Materials shared will be available after the conference unless presenters request that they be removed.