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2013 Keynote Presentations

The presentations below were utilized by the speakers during the 2013 LDC conference.

Jay Labov, March 15, 2013 (.pdf)

Jim MaKinster, Kara Butterworth, Gillian Roehrig, March 16, 2013 (.pdf)

Short Presentations

Friday Presentations

10:00 AM, Technology and the Textbook: Adding Interactivity to Improve Understanding, Perkins; Paul; Emlen; Zimmer (.pdf)

10:00 AM, Protecting Populations: Emphasizing the Importance of Mathematical Modeling in Undergraduate Ecology, McCully; Ash (.pdf)

10:45 AM, Understanding the Redesigned AP Biology Course and its Impact on High School Biology and Undergraduate Science Courses, Williamson (.pdf)

10:45 AM, Data Nuggets: Unearthing Inquiry Skills, Kjelvik; Schultheis (.pdf)

10:45 AM, Using Technology to Connect Students and Scientific Data, Barfield; A. Sawey; Best (.pdf)

1:15 PM, Campus Trees Project: Using Phenology to Engage Students in the Process of Science, Wyse; Long (.pdf)

1:15 PM, Is That a Career? Inspiring the Next Generation with Multimedia Conservation Biology Role Models, MaKinster; Trautmann (.pdf)

3:00 PM, Pollinator Collecting for the Lab and Classroom, Diersen (.pdf)

3:00 PM, Next Generation Science Standards and Biology Instruction, Olson; Singer (.pdf)
Article used for presentation (.pdf)

3:45 PM, The Open Science Approach: A Transferable Field School Model for Problem-Based Learning, Harrison; A. Sawey; Barfield; Reedy; Bridges (.pdf)

Saturday Presentations

10:00 AM, The Making of an Online Campus Flora: College Students Joining the Flora of Rutgers Campus, Struwe; Spitz; Zambell; Sweeney (.pdf)

10:00 AM, Ecological Forecasting (EcoCasting) – Using Computer Models to Teach Ecology Concepts, Pazo; Del Muro (.pdf)

10:45 AM, Using Digital Image Analysis to Integrate Mathematics and Computers into Inquiry Laboratories, Baker; Selby (.pdf)

10:45 AM, Using Wikispaces for Collaborative Content Creation in a Non-Major’s Biology Lab, M. Sawey; A. Sawey (.pdf)

1:15 PM, Case It: Molecular Biology Computer Simulations for Case-Based Learning, Bergland; Klyczek, (.pdf)

1:15 PM, What’s in Your Investigation Toolkit? Digital Resources for Personalized, Anytime Science Learning, Hemingway; Adams (.pdf)

1:15 PM, Where Goes the Climate, so Goes the Ecosystem, Corney (.pdf)

2:00 PM, The Impact of Technology Integrated Curriculum on Student Knowledge and Attitudes about Global Climate Change (.pdf)

2:00 PM, Climate Change and Impacts on Ecosystems: Using an Online Learning Environment for Making Predictions about Future Climate, Dewey (.pdf)

3:00 PM, Connecting High School Students to Authentic Research Projects and Practicing Scientists, Flowers; Balcerak (.pdf)

3:00 PM, LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library: Science Pipes, Klemow (.pdf)

3:00 PM, Lessons from the “Bioenergy Farm”: A Computer Game to Explore Land Management Complexities, Nye; Greenler; Arnold (.pdf)

3:45 PM, Discovering Solutions from the Tree of Life: Using Biomimicry to Teach Evolution and Explore Databases (.pdf)

3:45 PM, Beyond Concept Maps: System Models as a Tool for Simplifying Complexity in Undergraduate Biology, Long; Dauer (.pdf)


Friday Presentations

10:00 AM, Place-Based Environmental Education: Creating a Professional Learning Community, A. Sawey; Friday; M. Sawey (.pdf)

1:15 PM, Statistics in the High School Biology Classroom: Going Beyond the Mean, Strode (.pdf)

3:00 PM, Using Online Natural History Databases to Support Innovation in Undergraduate Education, Dewey; Barbaro (.pdf)

Saturday Presentations