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2013 Sponsors / Exhibitors

2013 Life Discovery- Doing Science Education Conference

Many thanks to our Sponsors and Exhibitors.


Major Funding for this conference is from the National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Bronze Steward


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration logo and link to website

Contributing Sponsor

SimBio – The open-ended experiments and built-in feedback of SimBio’s interactive ecology, evolution and cell-biology modules engage students in critical thinking and intellectually satisfying, discovery-based learning. Sophisticated simulations of biological systems (not just click-and-watch animations) create a rich learning environment while auto-graded tests and other instructor resources streamline implementation. Come see for yourself!



HHMI – HHMI’s website has free, award-winning multimedia education materials for the biology classroom, including animations, videos, short films, lectures, virtual labs, hands-on activities, and other interactives.

LI-COR – LEEF (LI-COR Environmental Education Fund) helps bring research-grade instrumentation into the hands of undergraduates by providing matching grants and discounts to Predominately Undergraduate Institutions. Join the list of innovative schools across the US and Canada that are incorporating these instruments into their courses. Stop by our booth to learn more.

Open Science Network in Ethnobiology is a collaborative network open to educators and students interested in the exchange of innovative curricula and educational resources that advance the field of ethnobiology. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the OSN uses open technology to facilitate the exchange of educational techniques, materials, experiences across institutional and international borders. You can learn more about OSN by viewing our website,

The Will Steger Foundation supports educators, students and the public with science-based interdisciplinary educational resources on climate change, its implications and solutions to achieve climate literacy. We offer professional development opportunities and curriculum resources focused on climate and energy literacy for Grades 3-12 educators.