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Past Conferences

The Life Discovery – Doing Science Biology Education Conference began in 2013 with its inaugural conference in St. Paul, MN. An archive of the LDC conferences is provided here.
2019 LDC Conference Program Cover.


March 21-23
Gainsville, FL.
Microbiomes to Ecosystems: Evolution and Biodiversity across Scale, Space, and Time

2017 LDC Conference Program Cover.


October 19-21
Norman, OK.
Data: Discover, Investigate, Inform
Gibson, J. P. and T. Mourad. 2018. The growing importance of data literacy in life science education. American Journal of Botany 105(12): 1953–1956.

2016 LDC Conference Program Cover.


March 18-19
Linthicum Heights, MD.
Creating Connections: Biology in Action

2015 LDC Conference Program Cover.


October 3-4
San José, CA.
Realizing Vision & Change: Preparing for Next Generation Biology

2013 LDC Conference Program Cover.


March 15-16
Minneapolis, MN.
Exploring Biology for a Changing World