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Organizers 2020

Conference Organizers

The Life Discovery – Doing Science Biology education conference is a project of:

This consortium jointly also manages the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library and serve as curators of Society-specific collections within the digital library.

Planning Committee

The vision and organization of this event would not be possible without the effort and determination of this group of individuals:

    • Andrew Martin, University of Colorado (chair)
    • Alycia Crall, National Ecological Observatory Network 
    • Catrina Adams, Director of Education, Botanical Society of America
    • Arietta Fleming-Davies, University of San Diego, QUBES
    • Richard Kliman, Cedar Crest College, Society for the Study of Evolution
    • Paul Strode, Science Teacher, Fairview High School, Boulder CO
    • Tom Meagher, University of St. Andrews, Society for the Study of Evolution

ESA Staff

Teresa Mourad, Director of Education and Diversity Programs, Ecological Society of America

Jessica JohnstonEducation Programs Coordinator, Ecological Society of America