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Education Share Fair Roundtables

Proposals for Education Share Fair Roundtables will be accepted until all available spots are filled.

What are Education Share Fair Roundtables? 

This is a unique part of the conference experience that has come to be appreciated by participants. This session is designed for educators to create or revise lesson plans or activities with a peer working group. Proposals can be submitted for ideas and lessons at any stage of development. You receive immediate feedback and suggestions from your peers in a friendly, constructive environment.

This allows you to develop new lessons or to work on modifying currently existing lessons to a new grade level, teaching style, or learning objective(s). Each lesson or idea will be presented by the author at a roundtable with up to 9 other participants.  You will also be able to add participants to your network for future feedback.

Presenters spend about 15 minutes describing their lesson idea. Discussions will follow where participants are invited to provide feedback and ideas regarding the core concepts addressed, methodology, misconceptions, assessment or educational extensions.

Presenters are strongly encouraged to submit finished work in the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library.

While presentations focused on the theme are especially welcomed, presenters may submit ideas on any topic relevant to environmental or organismal biology.

Education Share Fair Proposals should:

We are especially interested in ideas around:

  • Engaging non science majors
  • Connecting current events to curriculum
  • Incorporating cultural relevance for diverse audiences
  • Addressing levers for systemic change

All proposals whether focused on the theme or otherwise will be considered. We welcome presentations of ideas at any stage of development.

Submit education share fair proposals here

Education Share Fair Proposal Form


Session Formats and Conference Tracks

The conference accepts proposals for three formats, four curriculum topics and three pedagogical areas. Details are available at:

What Participants Said

This is the best conference I have attended, both for the subjects covered and the organization.  I liked the variety of formats and I especially liked the Fair Share. ~ 2019 LDC participant. 

It was my first LDC and I valued the small-conference setting and the quality of the presentations and sessions. The collective teaching and learning experiences of those who presented and attended was impressive! ~ 2019 LDC participant. 

Submit Your Teaching Idea to the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library!

All presenters are highly encouraged to submit their final products for formal publication in the digital library. Authors retain copyright. Presenters will choose to submit through one of the four portals of the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library (LDDL), managed by LDDL partner societies.