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Short Presentations and Workshops 2021

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Pushing Past Barriers: Ecological Science for All

In recent years, we have seen a significant change in public attitudes in support of climate science and sustainability. At the same time, whether it is about food safety, endangered species or protection of waterways, we continue to see the latest science being pushed aside in public discourse. As we embark into a new decade, ensuring that ecology is relevant to all students is vital so that we can prepare all students to be ecologically literate.

  • How do we transform ecological teaching in order to maintain a connection with a vast student population that is not interested in science and retain those who are to become science researchers and professionals?
  • How do we encourage nonscience majors to take away important messages that will inform their personal and professional decisions?
  • What does a science-based, culturally relevant and inclusive curriculum that connects student learning to current events look like?
  • How can educators activate the appropriate levers of change to overcome systemic barriers to organismal biology education?

The ecological sciences are well positioned to serve as bridges between research, life experiences, and societal needs. Join us to share and learn practical strategies in Pushing Past Barriers: Ecological Science for All.

Thematic Tracks:

  • Engaging nonscience majors
  • Connecting current events to curriculum
  • Incorporating cultural relevance for diverse audiences
  • Addressing levers for systemic change

All proposals whether focused on the theme or otherwise will be considered.

Short Presentation and Workshop Proposals should:


Session Formats and Conference Tracks

The conference accepts proposals for three formats, four curriculum topics and three pedagogical areas. Details are available at:

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