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Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section

The Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section, founded in 2002, works to 1) promote the understanding, dissemination and respectful use of traditional ecological knowledge in ecological research, application and education; 2) encourage education in traditional ecological knowledge; 3) stimulate research that incorporates the traditional knowledge and participation of indigenous people; and 4) increase participation by indigenous people in the Ecological Society of America.
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section website

List of Officers

Start YearEnd YearChairVice ChairSecretary
20022003Robin Wall Kimmerer (Acting)
20032006Robin Wall KimmererJesse FordSophi Beym
20062008Jesse FordHoski SchaafsmaMimi Lam
20082010Mimi LamScott HerronMimi Lam
20102011Mimi LamRicardo RozziBruce Grant
20112012Ricardo RozziRonald TrosperBruce Grant
20122014Ronald TrosperFrank LakeBruce Grant
20142015Frank Lake(vacant)Teresa Newberry
20152016Frank LakeBrenda Bergman