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References for the History of Ecology

For the history of ESA, see ESA History References. Resources for the History of Ecology Bocking, Stephen. 1997. Ecologists and Environmental Politics: A History of Contemporary Ecology. Yale University Press, New Haven. Croker, Robert A. 1991. Pioneer ecologist: the life and work of Victor Ernest Shelford, 1877-1968. Washington, D.C. Egerton, Frank N. (ed.). 1977. History of American Ecology. Arno Press,…

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References for ESA’s History

Numerous websites, books, and papers describe the history of ecology (see History of Ecology, References). This page provides sources on the history of the Ecological Society of America. History of the Ecological Society of America For a summary of important events in the history of ESA, go to Timelines. For information on ESA’s repository for historical documents, go to Archives….

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Original ESA Members

In 1917, shortly after its founding, ESA published a detailed directory, or “handbook,” based on questions asked of its early members. The list provided documentation of the individuals’ professional position, field of study, research methods, and other details, making it an invaluable resource for historians. See full directory spreadsheet here. In placing this text version here, our goal is to…

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Annual Meetings Table

Columns for this table are limited to fit on page. For more complete information, see the Full Annual Meetings table or select a meeting of interest. Click arrows in column head to sort by that field.

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The 1917 Directory

Information on the first two cohorts of ESA members (284 Charter Members plus 23 members elected at the December 1916 meeting) was published in the ESA Bulletin 1(3) in early 1917. This “Handbook” offers a fascinating glimpse of information abstracted from information provided by the members themselves in response to eight questions. View the Handbook. On what ecological topics have you published…

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