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Portrait image of F.H. Bormann in a coat and tie. Black and white photo.

F. H. Bormann on the “Urban Crisis,” 1970

Reacting to the “staggering urban crisis” in 1970, ESA president F. H. Bormann asked ecologists C. S. Holling and G. H. Orians to assess how ecology might be applied to urban problems and city planning, observing that the current trend was to see urban problems as not being ecological in nature. Their report appeared in ESA’s Bulletin in June 1971….

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Portrait image of LaMont Cole in a coat and tie. Black and white photo.

LaMont Cole to Sen. Jackson, 1968

A Council of Ecological Advisers is badly needed and it is appropriate for such a council to include engineers and landscape architects. However, a major part of the body should consist of ecologists—authentic environmental biologists who have studied these problems in all their great complexity. ESA President LaMont C. Cole, writing in 1968 in support of an environmental bill drafted…

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Image of a document. A black and white.

ESA and the 1968 Election

We see in our rich country the reduction of open space, increasing urban concentration and congest with deterioration of life. These and other problems are not merely developing but developing at accelerating rates…. Underlying all these problems of environmental quality is the problem of population growth. ESA’s leadership contacted presidential candidates in 1968 to get their views on creating a…

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Tribute to Homer Shantz

Outstanding among these [attributes] are your unfailing sense of humor, your insatiable interest in the world about you, and your sympathetic understanding of human nature. This tribute to Homer L. Shantz (1876-1958) illustrates the wide-ranging career of a pioneer plant ecologist, who held positions at several universities, was president of the University of Arizona, and worked for the USDA and…

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Profile image of Stanley Auerbach in a coat and tie.

Auerbach to Gore, 1968

Not only do we object to the dam as scientists and conservationists, but we also object to it as taxpayers. ESA Secretary Stanley Auerbach wrote to Tennessee Senator Albert Gore in 1968 about plans to construct a dam on the Cumberland River in the Devil’s Jump area. Attached was a strongly worded letter to the Corps of Engineers expressing ESA’s…

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