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Researchers at Undergraduate Institutions Section

The Researchers at Undergraduate Institutions Section, founded in 2007, is dedicated to supporting scientists with significant teaching loads in their roles as ecological researchers. Our group provides opportunities for networking with other scientists working at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) and organizes events at the ESA annual meetings that address topics such as the challenges of maintaining active research programs at PUIs, ways to do productive research with undergraduates and strategies for obtaining research funding in the PUI environment. The section also works to ensure that PUI scientists and their students are appropriately included in national ecological research initiatives.
Researchers at Undergraduate Institutions Section website

List of Officers

Start YearEnd YearChairVice-Chair/Chair-ElectSecretary
20072009Laurel AndersonKathleen LoGiudiceRichard Boyce
20092011Romi Burks
20112013Laura AltfeldAnne Alerding
20132015Anne Alerding