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Physiological Ecology Section

The Physiological Ecology Section, founded in 1969, is one of the largest sections in the Ecological Society of America. Its primary purpose is to promote research, teaching, and communication in physiological ecology of both animals and plants. Contributing to career development of new people in the field is also a goal.
Physiological Ecology Section website

List of Officers

Start YearEnd YearChairSecretary
19701972John VernbergHenry Hellmers
19721974G. Edgar Folk, Jr.Henry Hellmers
19741976Harold A. MooneyNeil F. Hadley
19761978Larry TieszenAlan Heath
19781980Boyd StrainPhil Rundel
19801982Phil RundelBrian Chabot
19821983Walter C. OechelJames Detling
19831985Brian McNabPolley Ann McClure
19851986Polley Ann McClure (interim)
19861989C. Richard TracyFakhri A. Bazzaz
19891992Robert PearcyFakhri A. Bazzaz
19921994James EhleringerChris Fields
19941995Martyn M. CaldwellChris Fields
19951996Martyn M. CaldwellTodd E. Dawson
19961997Evan DeLuciaTodd E. Dawson
19971998Evan DeLuciaStanley D. Smith
19981999James S. ColemanStanley D. Smith
19992000James S. ColemanLisa A. Donovan
20002001Robert B. JacksonLisa A. Donovan
20012002Robert B. JacksonZoe Cardon
20032004Russ MonsonZoe Cardon
20042005Russ MonsonGretchen North
20052006Stan SmithGretchen North
20062007Stan SmithJed Sparks
20072008John MarshallJed Sparks
20082009John MarshallKiona Ogle
20092010Zoe CardonKiona Ogle
20102010Zoe CardonJennifer Funk
20112011Will PockmanJennifer Funk
20122012Will PockmanJason West
20132013Jeannine Cavender-BaresJason West
20142014Jeannine Cavender-BaresMolly Cavaleri and Joseph Bump
20152015Gretchen North and Kate McCullohMolly Cavaleri and Joseph Bump
20162016Gretchen North and Kate McCullohCarter Berry and Dan Johnson
20172017David Moore and Jason WestCarter Berry and Dan Johnson
20182018David Moore and Jason WestJia Hu
20192019David Moore and Jason WestJia Hu
20202020Michael Loik