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Harold A. Mooney

Harold A. Mooney
Born:  Santa Rosa, CA 6/1/1932
Education:  UC Santa Barbara (A.B. 1957); Duke (M.A. 1958; Ph.D. 1960)
Dissertation title: Comparative physiological ecology of Arctic and Alpine populations of Oxyria digyna (Ecol.Monogr. 31:1-29)
Advisor: W. D. Billings
Comments: Also influenced by C. H. Muller (undergraduate), Ralph O. Slatyer, Harriet Barclay, and Tom Malone.
Teaching History: UCLA 1960-68; Stanford 1968-
Ph. D. Students: Boyd Strain, Patrice Morrow, James Ehleringer, Christopher Field, Arnold Bloom, F. Stuart (Terry) Chapin, Jeff Dukes, Noel Michele Holbrook, Elsa Cleland
ESA offices and honors: Mercer Award 1962; Vice President 1984-85; President 1988-89; Eminent Ecologist 1996; Fellow 2012
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