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Microbial Ecology Section

The Microbial Ecology Section, founded in 2006, supports ecologists who work with microbes and related microbial processes as their subjects of interest. This includes (1) encouragement of research regarding the ecology of bacteria, archaea, microeukarya, and viruses, (2) sponsorship of meetings concerning such research, (3) promotion of the integration of microbial ecology into the general study of ecology, and (4) education of scientists and the general public regarding the pivotal role microorganisms play in ecological systems.
Microbial Ecology Section website

List of Officers

Start YearEnd YearChairVice ChairSecretary
20052007Brendan Bohannan (acting)
20072008Val Smith-Emma L. Aronson
20072008D. Liane Cochran-StafiraKatherine McMahonJay T. Lennon
20092010Angela D. KentJay T. LennonAnthony Yannarell
20102011Jay T. LennonAnthony YannarellKatheryn Docherty
20112012Anthony YannarellKatheryn DochertyJessica Gutknecht
20122013Katheryn DochertyJessica GutknechtMike Strickland
20132014Jessica GutknechtMike StricklandKristen DeAngelis
20142015Mike StricklandKristen DeAngelis?