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Simon A. Levin

Simon A. Levin
Born: Baltimore, MD 4/22/1941
Education: The Johns Hopkins University (B.A. 1961); University of Maryland (Ph.D. 1964)
Dissertation title: Uniqueness and nonlinearity.
Adviser: M. Martin
Comments: Mathematics provided the foundation; ecology provided the outlet. Postdoctoral adviser G.B. Dantzig. Early ecological collaborators: R. H. Whittaker, R. B. Root, R. M. May, R. T. Paine, D. Pimentel, H. A. Mooney, C. Field, P. R. Ehrlich
Teaching history: Cornell University 1965-1992 (1992-present, Adjunct Professor); Princeton University (1992-present); University of California, Irvine, Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences (Distinguished Visiting Professor, 2007-present); University of California, Irvine, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Distinguished Visiting Professor, 2009-present)
Ph.D. Students: 70 students completed Ph.D. or current; others influenced: postdoctoral researchers supervised 89 to date; many visitors and collaborators
ESA offices and honors: MacArthur Award 1988; President 1990-91; Distinguished Service Citation 1998; Eminent Ecologist 2010; Fellow 2012
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