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Governing Board

Effective spring 1995, ESA shifted to a Governing Board that makes most decisions, currently consisting of nine elected officers. The Vice-Presidents and Secretary serve 3-year terms. The President serves a total of three years on the Governing Board, including one as President-elect and one as Past President. Responsibilities are summarized below each office; see Society Bylaws for additional details.
In addition to the Officers, three Members-at-large are elected for two-year terms.

President: Primary spokesperson for ESA

Vice-President for Science:

  • Standing Committee on Science, Meetings and Publications
  • Representatives to other scholarly societies as designated
  • Editors-in-Chief of the Society journals

Vice-President for Public Affairs:

  • Standing Committee on Public Affairs
  • Standing Committee on International Relations
  • Representatives to AAAS, AIBS and other scholarly societies

Vice-President for Finance:

  • Standing Committee on Audit
  • Standing Committee on Development

Vice-President for Education and Human Resources:

  • Standing Committees on Awards
  • Standing Committee on Diversity and Education
  • Standing Committee on Grants and Fellowships
  • Standing Committee on Professional Ethics
  • Board of Professional Certification

Secretary: records the proceedings of the Society and its Governing Board

  • Standing Committee on Historical Records