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Sidebars are managed with the Custom Sidebars plugin. This plugin allows us to have different sidebars for different posts and pages. To make new sidebars or changes to sidebars, go to Appearance -> Widgets. To change the sidebar associated with a page or post, you may need to change the Sidebar Location found on the Sidebars section of the Widgets…

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Categories and tags

As a quick rule of thumb, the category is the “section” of the website the post belongs in and is generally quite broad. Tags specify other areas the post relates to or specific things mentioned in the post to facilitate searching. Categories help put posts in stable lists, like those in the top of some sidebars (like the “Chapter Awards…

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Category Lists and Posts by Tag

Posts by Tag is a plugin used to create lists of posts based on tags in sidebars using the Posts by Tag widgets and in posts and pages using shortcodes associated with the plugin. An example of a within-page list are the Profiles of Ecologists from Under-represented Groups on the Ecological Richness page. List Category Posts is a plugin used…

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Breadcrumbs and redirects

NOTE: This is currently irrelevant as breadcrumbs are TURNED OFF. Breadcrumbs in this theme typically lead back to category pages, but I’ve used redirects to send them back to some of our top level pages instead. For example, on an Officers page like Business Manager, the Officers breadcrumb links by default to the category page. I’ve used the Redirection plugin…

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TablePress and its associated extensions are the WordPress plugins we use to manage data about ESA. We store the data in TablePress tables accessible from the WordPress dashboard and then insert entire tables or parts of tables into posts using shortcodes. The TablePress menu and options within WordPress are pretty self-explanatory, but if you run into problems or want to…

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Miscellany – tasks and tips

A great deal of material from the Bulletin has been uploaded to our site and needs to be linked to the appropriate posts and tables. You can see which files are available at and A good resource on digitizing documents was provided by Stephen Smith – Digitizing documents: how to produce and manage an archive of high-quality, searchable…

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The HRC Newsletter is currently written and organized by Sharon Kingsland. It is manually created and completely separate from the website, though volunteers typically upload the newsletter to the website and often create News posts from the newsletter sections. At some point in the future, HRC may wish to switch to a more legally compliant and website-integrated newsletter. The below…

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