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Official logo of the ESA 2018 Annual Meeting

New Orleans Meeting 2018

The plenary talk at the 2018 New Orleans meeting, presented by Robert Twilley, has been uploaded by ESA and is available. Robert Twilley is executive director of the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program and a distinguished professor in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science at Louisiana State University. Among the discussion, the talk includes historical content related to the…

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Official logo of the 2017 Annual Meeting has a frog and bee as graphics.

ESA’s 2017 Awards

ESA’s annual awards, to be presented in Portland at the August annual meeting, include high honors to four distinguished women in ecology. Awards are announced in the July issue of the ESA Bulletin.Eminent Ecologist Award: Diana Harrison WallThe Eminent Ecologist Award honors a senior ecologist for an outstanding body of ecological work or sustained ecological contributions of extraordinary merit. Soil…

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Generic Newsletter header with the text, Historical Records Committee Established 1944.

HRC Events at the 2017 Annual Meeting

The Historical Records Committee is sponsoring a Special Session on “Saving Historical Records: Challenges for Ecology and Its Historians in the 21st Century,” which will be held on Monday evening, August 7, from 8:00-10:00 p.m. in the conference hotel. Julie Mulroy developed the idea for the session. Alan Covich, Charles Nilon, and Sharon Kingsland from HRC are co-organizers and Alan…

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HRC’s Contributions to the ESA Annual Meetings

In January 2015, ESA’s Bulletin published a History of the Historical Records Committee (HRC), by Dennis Knight and Douglas Sprugel. Since then, under the Program Committee directed by Juliana Mulroy, HRC has continued to produce sessions addressing history and historical records, most notably for the ESA Centennial in 2015. Another HRC-sponsored Special Session has been approved for the August 2017…

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Logo for the 100th ESA Annual Meeting. A mountain in the background has a river flowing from it flanked by green grass and trees. Vector graphic.

2015 HRC-sponsored Sessions at Annual Meeting

In recognition of ESA’s centennial celebration this year, HRC’s program subcommittee, chaired by Juliana Mulroy, has worked with committee members and others to put together the following sessions for the August meeting in Baltimore. Special Session: Ecology’s Concepts: How Are They Used and Valued?Monday, August 10, 8-10:00 p.m.(Organized by William Reiners, with Jeffrey Lockwood, Steven Prager, Derek Reiners) Symposium: Fostering…

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Annual Meetings Table

Columns for this table are limited to fit on page. For more complete information, see the Full Annual Meetings table or select a meeting of interest. Click arrows in column head to sort by that field.

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Oval logo for the 96th annual meeting has the globe in a humans hands with the ESA logo overlaying. Earth Stewardship is the theme.

96th Annual Meeting (2011) Austin

Theme: Earth Stewardship:Preserving and enhancing the earth’s life-support systems August 7-12, 2011, in Austin, Texas, 3721 attendeesOpening Plenary Keynote Speaker: Name, title, on topic, titleScientific Plenary Keynote Speaker: : Stephen W. Pacala, ESA MacArthur Lecturer; Director, Princeton Environmental Institute, on topic/titleAwards  |   Annual reports  |   Introduction:Human society currently faces global-scale issues including climate change, loss of biodiversity, population pressures, food production, energy…

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