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Sally White — Page 17

Eugene P. Odum

Eugene P. Odum Born: Lake Sunapee, NH 9/17/1913; died 8/10/2002 Education: Univ. of North Carolina (A.B. 1934); Illinois (Ph.D. 1939) Dissertation title: Variations in the heart rate of birds: a study in physiological ecology (Ecol. Mon. 11:299-326) Adviser: S. Charles Kendeigh (C) Comments: Also influenced by Victor E. Shelford Teaching history: Georgia 1940-1984 Others influenced: Robert E. Gordon (M.S.), Monica…

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Edgar Nelson Transeau

Edgar N. Transeau Born: Williamsport, PA 10/21/1875; died 1/25/1960 Education: Franklin and Marshall Coll. (A.B. 1897); Chicago (1900-01, no degree); Michigan (Ph.D. 1904) Dissertation title: The bog vegetation of the Huron River Valley (Bot. Gaz. 40:351-375, 418-448; 41:17-42) Adviser: F. C. Newcombe (see comments) Comments: Although Newcombe was his official adviser, Transeau’s own writings make it clear that he went…

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Portland meeting 2012

Numerous visitors stopped by our 3rd annual HRC booth during the 2012 annual meeting in Portland last August. Lots of posters were on view, generating lively discussions. Draft of Living Past Presidents’ Timeline Jean Langenheim displayed a draft of the print timeline of ESA presidents since 1968 at the HRC booth in Portland. Above, she discusses details with Dennis Knight,…

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Austin Meeting 2011

Our HRC booth at the 2011 ESA meeting was a grand success. Once people found us, they enjoyed chatting, looking at historical photos and posters, and sharing their own recollections of the history of ecology and ESA. As the Centennial approaches, we’re already looking forward to Portland 2012, and we hope to have more to offer at the booth each…

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J. Roger Bray and Gwendolyn Struik

The Diverse Contributions of J. Roger Bray and Gwendolyn Struik by Orie Loucks, submitted December 23, 2010 J. Roger Bray, through post-PhD collaboration with his former doctoral adviser at Wisconsin, John Curtis, was the lead author of one of the most significant post-war papers in the field of ecology (Bray and Curtis 1957, see Beals 1984). It presented a way…

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Standing group photo of Ecologists. Black and white.

1914: The beginning

What do you think of such a thing as a society of ecologists to include both botanists and zoologists and to be a society for field work rather than a society for the reading of papers? —Letter from Robert H. Wolcott to Victor E. Shelford, March 27, 1914 The first discussions on the formation of the Society took place in…

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