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William S. Cooper Award

The William Skinner Cooper Award, initiated in 1985, is given to honor an outstanding contributor to the fields of geobotany, physiographic ecology, plant succession, or the distribution of plants along environmental gradients, these being the fields in which W. S. Cooper worked. The award is for a single contribution in a scientific publication (single or multiple authored). Nominees need not…

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Dr. Emma Lucy Braun

E. Lucy Braun Award

Since 1988, the E. Lucy Braun Award is given annually for the outstanding poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society by an undergraduate or graduate student or a person with a doctorate who has defended their thesis within the previous nine months.Award year terminology in the Bulletin and ESA press releases has varied over the years. In the…

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Eugene P. Odum Award

The Eugene P. Odum Award was started in 2000 to recognize an ecologist for outstanding work in ecology education. Through teaching, outreach, and mentoring activities, recipients of this award have demonstrated their ability to relate basic ecological principles to human affairs.

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Honorary Membership Award

Honorary Membership in the Society is given to a distinguished ecologist who has made exceptional contributions to ecology and whose principal residence and site of ecological research are outside of The United States and Canada. Up to three awards may be made in any one year until a total of 20 living Honorary Members is reached.

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Governing Board

Effective spring 1995, ESA shifted to a Governing Board that makes most decisions, currently consisting of nine elected officers. The Vice-Presidents and Secretary serve 3-year terms. The President serves a total of three years on the Governing Board, including one as President-elect and one as Past President. Responsibilities are summarized below each office; see Society Bylaws for additional details. In…

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Prior to 1995, ESA members elected one Vice-President. Four individual Vice-Presidents currently manage responsibilities in Science, Public Affairs, Finance, and Education and Human Resources, respectively. Vice Presidents of the ESA serve 3-year terms as part of the Governing Board. All Vice-Presidents are displayed in the table below, which may be sorted by category or year by clicking on the appropriate…

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ESA’s Second Decade

By Kiyoko Miyanishi Reprinted from the ESA Bulletin, January 2014. ESA’s Second Decade: Roaring 20s and Dirty 30s In ESA’s first decade, its membership had increased from 284 charter members to ~500 members, of which 11% were women. During its second decade (1926–1935), membership peaked at 645 in the 1928 Directory (although subsequent addenda increased that number to >700 by…

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