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Doug Sprugel — Page 28

Corporate Awards

The Corporate Award was established in 1988 to recognize a corporation, business, or individual that has demonstrated accomplishments in incorporating sound ecological concepts, knowledge, and/or practices into its planning and operating procedures. In 2008 the award became an occasional award rather than an annual award. Special Awards From time to time the Society has awarded a Special Recognition Corporate Award…

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Animal Behavior and Sociobiology Section (defunct)

The Animal Behavior and Sociobiology Section, formed in 1956, was a large (>1000 members) and visible section until 1964, when it merged with a similar Division of the American Society of Zoologists to form the Animal Behavior Society. Thereafter it largely ceased to function as a Section and was dissolved in 1993. List of Known Officers

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Agroecology Section

The Agroecology section was formed in 2000 to promote an understanding of the importance of the application of ecological concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems among ecologists, agriculturists, and members of related disciplines. Agroecology Section website List of Officers

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Asian Ecology Section

The Asian Ecology Section was formed in 1994 to promote communication and collaboration, as well as ecological research and education in Asia. Asian Ecology Section website List of Officers

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