ecologycompESA’s primary technical journal, Ecology, has been published since 1920. This monthly publication publishes research and synthesis papers on all aspects of ecology, with particular emphasis on papers that develop new concepts in ecology, that test ecological theory, or that lead to an increased appreciation for the diversity of ecological phenomena.

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List of Editors for Ecology/Ecological Monographs

plantworldAs a publication, Ecology follows an early botanical periodical called The Plant World, a botany monthly published from 1897 until 1919, after which Ecology replaced it. From May 1902 through 1906, The Plant World was the official publication of the Wild Flower Preservation Society of America.
Twenty-two volumes of The Plant World are online at Hathi Trust.

In late 1918, Dr. Daniel Trembly MacDougal of the Desert Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute at Tucson offered the Plant World to ESA (Moore 1938). In 1919, the Plant World Association consisted of 15 men, nine of whom (W. A. Cannon, J. A. Harris, B. E. Livingston, F. E. Lloyd, E. B. McCallum, D. T. MacDougal, J. B. Overton, F. Shreve, and E. N. Transeau) were charter members of the Ecological Society of America. There were only a few inconsequential stipulations — the editors of the Plant World were to serve on the board of editors of Ecology (as the journal was renamed), and the cover of Ecology was to carry the phrase “Continuing the Plant World” for a period of five years. In fact, this phrase lasted for 35 years, finally discontinued with Volume 36 in 1954.
…The first issue, dated January 1920, stated that “The pages…are open to papers of ecological interest from the entire field of biological science.” At some point, as yet undetermined, Ecology instituted a policy strongly favoring original research, and with few exceptions, opposing theoretical or review submissions. As a result, many important papers went elsewhere. … In the spring of 1973, the Board of Editors officially changed policy to include theoretical (particularly mathematical) and review papers.

By 1925, a committee had been established to evaluate long-range needs for publication. The main concern was for publication space, and the issue revolved around an increase in the size of Ecology versus the initiation of a second journal. The choice was made, and Ecological Monographs began in January of 1931, intended to carry longer papers of a monographic nature.
—Robert L. Burgess, History of the Ecological Society of America, 1976; excerpt on publications

Ecology and Ecological Monographs shared an editorial board from the latter’s inception. In the mid-1970s, ESA began to consider the need for additional publication space and weighed the concept of a theoretical or mathematical journal. (The next journal to survive til the present was Ecological Applications, added in 1991.)
According to Burgess, “The first paid employee of the Society was a Managing Editor, begun with the appointment of Alton A. Lindsey in 1971. He was succeeded by Crawford G. Jackson, Jr. in 1973. The Managing Editor is responsible for both Ecology and Ecological Monographs in all respects except acceptance/rejection decisions based on scientific merit of the submitted manuscripts. This function is handled by the Board of Editors.”
Ecology was originally a quarterly publication, but expanded first to six issues (1966-1992), to 8 issues (1993-1999), then to its current monthly schedule in 2000. Types of contributions currently accepted are outlined here.

List of Ecology (and Ecological Monographs) Editors (1971-present)

NamePositionStart dateEnd date
Abrams, Marc D.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982000
Abrams, Peter A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Addicott, John F.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891994
Adler, Frederick R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982002
Adler, Lynn S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Adler, Peter B.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Agrawal, AnuragSpecial Features Editor20002005
Agren, JonEditor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Allison, Steven D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Alpert, PeterEditor/Subject matter Editor20062011
Antolin, Michael F.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052012
Armbruster, W. ScottEditor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Arnott, Shelley E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Arnould, John P. Y.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Aronson, Richard B. Editor/Subject matter Editor2007present
Arthur, MaryEditor/Subject matter Editor20052009
Ashman, Tia-LynnEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Augspurger, Carol K.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Bach, Catherine E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Bachmann, Roger W.Associate Editor19751980
Bachmann, Roger W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801982
Baker, William L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Baldwin, J. DavidManaging Editor19942014
Barbour, Michael G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19851988
Battles, John J.Editor/Subject matter Editor2006present
Batzli, George O.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811984
Beissinger, Steven R.Editor/Subject matter Editor20072011
Bence, James R.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Benke, ArthurEditor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Bergeron, YvesEditor/Subject matter Editor19992001
Bertness, Mark D.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891993
Bierzychudek, Paulette F.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891992
Binkley, DanEditor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Bjornstad, Ottar N.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Black, R. AlanEditor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Blair, John M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Boecklen, William J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961998
Bohannan, Brendan J. M. Editor/Subject matter Editor20062010
Bohlen, Patrick J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Borer, Elizabeth T.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Botkin, DanielEditor/Subject matter Editor19771978
Bowers, Michael A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961998
Boyce , Mark S.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Bradshaw, William E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19981999
Brewer, J. StephenEditor/Subject matter Editor20022005
Brodie III, EdmundEditor/Subject matter Editor20032006
Bronikowski, Anne M.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052011
Brown, CharlesEditor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Brown, James H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19841987
Brown, Joel S.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Brubaker, LindaEditor/Subject matter Editor20012002
Bruna, EmilioEditor/Subject matter Editor20082012
Bruno, John F.Editor/Subject matter Editor2006present
Buckland, Stephen T.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042008
Buckley, Hannah L.Editor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Burgess, RobertBook Review Editor19711977
Burnham, Kenneth P.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891994
Cain, Michael L.Editor/Subject matter Editor20002002
Callaway, Ragan M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Canham, Charles D.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961998
Cappuccino, NaomiEditor/Subject matter Editor20022005
Cardinale, Bradley J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20082016
Carr, Mark H.Editor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Carson, Walter P. Editor/Subject matter Editor2006present
Case, Ted J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Casey, Timothy M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911995
Casper, Brenda B.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052013
Caswell, HalEditor/Subject matter Editor19871990
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine M.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Chapin III, F. StuartEditor/Subject matter Editor19821985
Chapman, Samantha K.Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Chesson, Peter L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19841986
Ciannelli, LorenzoEditor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Clark, Deborah A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19901994
Clark, James S.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Classen, Aimee T.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Clay, KeithEditor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Coleman, David C.Editor/Subject matter Editor19771981
Coleman, James S.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Collier, BoydEditor/Subject matter Editor19731977
Collins, James P.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911994
Collins, Scott L.Editor/Subject matter Editor20112016
Conn, Paul B.Editor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Connor, Edward F.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Cooch, Evan G.Editor/Subject matter Editor2006present
Cooper, ArthurEditor/Subject matter Editor19711978
Corlett, Richard T.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Cornell, Howard V.Associate Editor19791980
Cornell, Howard V.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801982
Cottingham, Kathryn L.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042014
Cox, George W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811986
Crone, Elizabeth E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Cronin, James T.Editor/Subject matter Editor2003present
Crowder, Larry B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Crowley, Philip H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951997
Cruden, Robert W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19841986
Cummins, KennethEditor/Subject matter Editor19741980
Cushing, Jr., Colbert E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801983
Cwynar, Les C. Editor/Subject matter Editor20032005
Cáceres, Carla E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
D'Amato, Anthony W.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Dahlgren, Randy A.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012015
Dahm, Clifford N.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972001
Danielson, Brent J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20032009
Darling, Marilyn S.Book Review Editor19801985
Davis, FrankEditor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Dawson, Todd E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2005present
de Kroon, HansEditor/Subject matter Editor19951998
de Roos, André M.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052013
De Steven, DianeEditor/Subject matter Editor19961999
de Valpine, PerryEditor/Subject matter Editor2014present
De'ath, GlennEditor/Subject matter Editor20072007
DeAngelis, Donald L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Dearing, M. DeniseEditor/Subject matter Editor20062012
Del Rio, Carlos MartinezEditor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Delph, LyndaEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
DeMott, William R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Denno, Robert F.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012004
DeSteven, DianeEditor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Dixon, Philip M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Doak, Daniel F.Editor/Subject matter Editor20092013
Dobson, F. StephenEditor/Subject matter Editor2002present
Dodson, StanleyEditor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Donovan, LisaEditor/Subject matter Editor20052012
Downes, Barbara J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Doyle, Martin W.Editor/Subject matter Editor20082014
Duffy, J. Emmett Editor/Subject matter Editor19982001
DuVal, Emily H.Editor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Dyer, Lee A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Edwards, MaryEditor/Subject matter Editor20022005
Eisenberg, CristinaBook Review Editor2016present
Elith, JaneEditor/Subject matter Editor20092015
Ellison, Aaron M.Data Editor19982001
Ellison, Aaron M.Associate Editor-in-Chief20022010
Ellner, Stephen P.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Ellner, Stephen P.Concepts Editor19951996
Estes, James A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Etter, Ron J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Eubanks, Micky D.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042015
Evans, Edward W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Evans, R. DavidEditor/Subject matter Editor2007present
Ewel, John J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19871989
Faeth, Stanley H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911994
Faeth, Stanley H.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Feener, Donald H.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042010
Feinberg, StevenEditor/Subject matter Editor19751976
Festa-Bianchet, MarcoEditor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Field, Christopher B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911994
Findlay, StuartEditor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Finley, Andrew O.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Fisher, Stuart G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861990
Flecker, Alexander S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2003present
Folt, Carol L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Forister, Matthew L.Editor/Subject matter Editor2015present
Forman, RichardEditor/Subject matter Editor19731977
Forrest, JessicaEditor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Forrester, GrahamEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Fortin, Marie-JoséeEditor/Subject matter Editor20052013
Foster, David R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Fowler, Norma L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Fox, Barry J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20062009
Fox, CharlesEditor/Subject matter Editor20042007
Fox, Gordon A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Fox, Laurel R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891991
Franklin, JanetEditor/Subject matter Editor20062011
Frey, Serita D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2010present
Frost, Thomas M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19871990
Fryxell, John M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982008
Gaines, Steven D.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Galen, CandaceEditor/Subject matter Editor20012001
Galen, CandaceAssociate Editor-in-Chief20012009
Galloway, Laura F.Editor/Subject matter Editor20062008
Gilbert, Gregory S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Gill, Douglas E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811983
Goldberg, Deborah E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19881992
Gordon, DeborahEditor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Gotelli, Nicholas J.Editor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Gough, LauraEditor/Subject matter Editor20062011
Goulden, ClydeEditor/Subject matter Editor19711972
Grabowski, Jonathan H.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Grace, James B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921994
Graham, Michael H.Editor/Subject matter Editor2007present
Greenberg, Russell S.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012013
Grewell, Brenda J.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Grimm, Nancy B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Groffman, Peter M.Editor/Subject matter Editor20002009
Grosberg, Richard K.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961998
Grosholz, Edwin D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2007present
Gross, Louis J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19901992
Gruner, Daniel S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Gurney, W. S. C.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Hadley, Neil F.Editor/Subject matter Editor19791982
Hairston, Jr., Nelson G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801983
Hairston, Jr., Nelson G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891992
Hairston, Jr., Nelson G.Concepts Editor19941996
Hairston, Jr., Nelson G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Hall, Donald J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821985
Harcombe, Paul A.Associate Editor19781980
Harcombe, Paul A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801982
Harper, KimballEditor/Subject matter Editor19751979
Hastings, Alan M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941995
Havel, John E.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Hawkes, Christine V.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Hay, Mark E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891992
He, FangliangEditor/Subject matter Editor20022012
Heath, JamesEditor/Subject matter Editor19711974
Hebblewhite, MarkEditor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Henebry, Geoffrey M.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012007
Henry, HughEditor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Herrera, Carlos M.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052013
Heske, Edward J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Hillebrand, HelmutEditor/Subject matter Editor2005present
Hixon, Mark A.Editor/Subject matter Editor1998present
Hoeksema, Jason D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Holbrook, SallyEditor/Subject matter Editor19871990
Holland, J. NathanielEditor/Subject matter Editor20102015
Holmes, Elizabeth E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Holmes, Richard T.Editor/Subject matter Editor19841989
Holway, David A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Holyoak, MarcelEditor/Subject matter Editor20042008
Houlton, Benjamin Z.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Hu, Feng ShengEditor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Hubbell, Stephen P.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891990
Hughes, A. RandallEditor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Huisman, JefEditor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Hupp, Cliff R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992008
Huston, Michael A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19962000
Huxman, Travis E.Editor/Subject matter Editor20072010
Huyvaert, Kathryn P.Editor/Subject matter Editor20122015
Inouye, Brian D.Editor/Subject matter Editor20092015
Inouye, Brian D.Associate Editor-in-Chief20112015
Inouye, David W.Associate Editor19781980
Inouye, David W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801982
Irwin, Rebecca E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2010present
Ives, AnthonyEditor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Jackson, Jeremy B.Associate Editor19781980
Jackson, Jeremy B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801982
Jackson, Jr. , CrawfordManaging Editor19741978
Jackson, RobertSpecial Features Editor20012005
Jackson, Stephen T.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992008
Jacobson, Jr., George L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19881992
James, Frances C.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891993
Jenkins, Stephen H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Joern, AnthonyEditor/Subject matter Editor19971999
Johnson, Derek M.Editor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Johnson, Douglas H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Johnson, Edward A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Jones, Julia A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Juliano, Steven A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Karasov, William H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Kareiva, PeterEditor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Kareiva, Peter M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Kareiva, Peter M.Special Features Editor19921996
Karr, James R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811984
Kendall, Bruce E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2005present
Kenkel, Norman C.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012007
Killingbeck, Keith T.Editor/Subject matter Editor20032007
Kilpatrick, A. MarmEditor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Klironomos, John N.Editor/Subject matter Editor20062011
Knapp, Alan K.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Knight, Dennis H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19831987
Koenig, Walter D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2006present
Kohler, Steven L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Kotanen, Peter M.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Kotler, Burt P.Editor/Subject matter Editor2002present
Kraft, Nathan Jared BoardmanEditor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Labandeira, Conrad C.Editor/Subject matter Editor2002present
Lacey, Elizabeth P.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042006
Lafferty, Kevin D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Lambrinos, John G.Editor/Subject matter Editor2015present
Lanza, JanetBook Review Editor19922015
Larson, Katherine ColeEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Lauenroth, WilliamEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Laughlin, Daniel C.Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Lavine, MichaelEditor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Lavorel, SandraEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Lawler, Sharon P.Editor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Lawrence, DeborahEditor/Subject matter Editor20082009
Leavitt, Peter R.Editor/Subject matter Editor20022014
Lechowicz, Martin J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012016
Legendre, PierreEditor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Lele, SubhashEditor/Subject matter Editor20022005
Levin, Simon A.Associate Editor19731975
Levin, Simon A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19751977
Levine, Jonathan M.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Levinton, Jeffrey S.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Lewis, MarkEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Lillywhite, Harvey B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19831986
Lindsey, Alton A.Managing Editor19721974
Lloyd, AndreaEditor/Subject matter Editor20052012
Lloyd, MonteEditor/Subject matter Editor19711972
Loman, JonEditor/Subject matter Editor20042006
Loreau, MichelEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Louda, Svata M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941994
Lounibos, L. PhilipEditor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Ludwig, DonaldEditor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Lussenhop, John F.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811984
Mack, Richard N.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821985
Marks, Peter L.Associate Editor19771978
Marks, Peter L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19781983
Marquis, Robert J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20072010
Marshall, Diane L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Martinez del Rio, CarlosEditor/Subject matter Editor19982006
Matson, Pamela A.Special Features Editor19891992
Maurer, Brian A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951997
McClintock, BrettEditor/Subject matter Editor2016present
McCoy, Earl D.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012007
McCulley, Rebecca L.Editor/Subject matter Editor2016present
McPeek, Mark A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19971998
Meeter, Duane A.Associate Editor19861989
Meinzer, Frederick C.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012015
Menge, BruceEditor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Menges, EricEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Messina, Frank J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Metcalfe, Daniel B.Editor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Michener, William K.Data Editor2002present
Miles, Donald B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Miller, Lee N.Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor19791995
Miller, Thomas E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Miller, Tom E. X. Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Mitchell, Randall J.Editor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Mittelbach, Gary G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Mock, Douglas W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Moermond, Timothy C.Editor/Subject matter Editor19781981
Monson, RussellEditor/Subject matter Editor19941997
Mooney, Harold A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19791981
Morgan, Steven G.Editor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Morin, Peter J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19871991
Morris, Douglas W.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Morse, Douglass H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19831987
Mou, Paul P.Editor/Subject matter Editor20082011
Mulholland, Patrick J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911995
Mulroy, Juliana C.Book Review Editor19851992
Muzika, Rose-MarieEditor/Subject matter Editor20072011
Myers, Ransom A.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042004
Naeem, ShahidSpecial Features Editor20062008
Nagy, Kenneth A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19871990
Navarrete, Sergio A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Neill, William E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19841987
Neubert, Michael G.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012005
Neuhold, JohnAssociate Editor19741975
Nevitt, Gabrielle A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Newman, Ken BrianEditor/Subject matter Editor20082013
Nisbet, Roger M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972001
Nogués-Bravo, DavidEditor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Nonacs, PeterEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Nylin, SorenEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
O'Neill, Robert V.Associate Editor19781980
O'Neill, Robert V.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801981
Oksanen, JariEditor/Subject matter Editor20072008
Oli, Madan K.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Orloci, LazloEditor/Subject matter Editor19711973
Osenberg, CraigEditor/Subject matter Editor19982000
Ostfeld, Richard S.Editor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Ostfeld, Richard S.Editor/Subject matter Editor20032009
Paerl, Hans W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Paige, Ken N.Editor/Subject matter Editor2015present
Paine, RobertEditor/Subject matter Editor19711975
Palmer, Todd M.Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Parker, MatthewEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Peckarsky, Barbara L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19971999
Peet, Robert K.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821985
Peet, Robert K.Editor-in-Chief19962000
Pennings, Steven C.Editor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Perfecto, IvetteEditor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Peters, Debra P. C.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012010
Pfennig, David W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992002
Pilson, DianaEditor/Subject matter Editor20042008
Platt, William J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20002003
Poole, Robert W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801983
Porter, JamesEditor/Subject matter Editor19751978
Pregitzer, Kurt S.Editor/Subject matter Editor19981999
Preisser, Evan L.Editor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Price, Mary V.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891992
Price, PeterAssociate editor19731974
Price, PeterEditor/Subject matter Editor19741976
Pulliam, H. Ronald Editor/Subject matter Editor19811983
Raffa, Kenneth F.Editor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Raguso, Robert A.Editor/Subject matter Editor20072015
Raimondi, Peter T.Editor/Subject matter Editor2001present
Rathcke, Beverly J.Associate Editor19751977
Rathcke, Beverly J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19771982
Rausher, Mark D.Editor/Subject matter Editor19851989
Real, Leslie A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19831986
Real, Leslie A.Concepts Editor19941995
Reed, Sasha C.Editor/Subject matter Editor2014present
Reeve, John D.Editor/Subject matter Editor20102016
Reich, Peter B.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Reichman, O.J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921996
Reiners, WilliamEditor/Subject matter Editor19711972
Resetarits, Jr., William J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20042006
Reznick, David N.Editor/Subject matter Editor19962001
Richards, James H.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012007
Rillig, Matthias C.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Ritchie, MarkEditor/Subject matter Editor20012004
Rizzo, David M.Editor/Subject matter Editor2012present
Roberts , David W.Editor/Subject matter Editor20002002
Robertson, G. PhilipEditor/Subject matter Editor19881992
Robinson, Scott K.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
Rooker, Jay R.Editor/Subject matter Editor2010present
Root, RichardEditor/Subject matter Editor19711973
Root, Terry L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19971998
Rosemond, Amy D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Rosenheim, Jay A.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Rosenzweig, Michael L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19771981
Rotenberry, John T.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Roy, Barbara A.Editor/Subject matter Editor20092014
Ruess, Roger W.Editor/Subject matter Editor2005present
Sala, EnricEditor/Subject matter Editor20042008
Sanders, Nathan J.Editor/Subject matter Editor2009present
Sarnelle, OrlandoEditor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Sauer, John R.Editor/Subject matter Editor2002present
Schelske, ClaireAssociate Editor19741976
Schemske, Douglas W.Editor/Subject matter Editor19891992
Schiel, DavidEditor/Subject matter Editor20062009
Schimel, Joshua P.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012006
Schindler, Daniel E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2007present
Schlesinger, William H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821985
Schlesinger, William H.Editor-in-Chief19871988
Schlosser, Isaac J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19901994
Schmitz, Oswald J.Editor/Subject matter Editor19992005
Schreiber, Sebastian J.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Seagle, StevenEditor/Subject matter Editor20042008
Seastedt, Timothy R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Shanks, Alan L.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Shaver, Gaius R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Shima, Jeffrey S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2016present
Shipley, BillEditor/Subject matter Editor20022005
Shugart, Herman H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811984
Siemann, EvanEditor/Subject matter Editor20052006
Sih, AndrewEditor/Subject matter Editor20032009
Simberloff, DanielAssociate Editor19751977
Simberloff, DanielEditor/Subject matter Editor19971980
Simpson, Stephen J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012012
Sinervo, BarryEditor/Subject matter Editor20012003
Skelly, David K.Editor/Subject matter Editor20032009
Slade, NormanEditor/Subject matter Editor19951995
Smith, Christopher C.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Smith, David C.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Smith, Felisa A.Editor/Subject matter Editor20082015
Smith, James N.Editor/Subject matter Editor19871991
Smith, Kimberly GEditor/Subject matter Editor19961999
Smith, Stanley D.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012007
Smith, Val H.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Smith, William K.Editor/Subject matter Editor19921995
Snow, Allison A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19982001
Snyder, William E.Editor/Subject matter Editor2005present
Sobczak, William V.Editor/Subject matter Editor20102014
Solow, Andrew R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19962001
Sousa, Wayne P.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Speirs, Douglas C.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052016
Spiller, David A.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012010
Spomer, George G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19741981
Sprugel, Douglas G.Associate Editor19781979
Sprugel, Douglas G.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801982
Sprules, W. GaryEditor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Srivastava, Diane S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2008present
Stachowicz, John J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052013
Stamp, Nancy E.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911994
Steinberg, Peter D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2003present
Sterner, RobertEditor/Subject matter Editor20052007
Stewart-Oaten, AllanEditor/Subject matter Editor19982002
Stiven, AlanEditor/Subject matter Editor19711973
Stohlgren, Thomas J.Editor/Subject matter Editor20012011
Stone, LewiEditor/Subject matter Editor2004present
Strain, Boyd R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19881991
Strathman, Richard R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821986
Strayer, David L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19911994
Strong, Donald R.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821989
Strong, Donald R.Editor-in-Chief2001present
Sullivan, Kimberly A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19931996
Sultan, Sonia E.Editor/Subject matter Editor20032005
Sutherland, John P.Editor/Subject matter Editor19821986
Taylor, Andrew D.Editor/Subject matter Editor19951998
Templer, Pamela H.Editor/Subject matter Editor2013present
Terri, James A.Editor/Subject matter Editor19811982
Thompson, John M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Thomson, JamesEditor/Subject matter Editor19861989
Thornber, Carol S.Editor/Subject matter Editor2011present
Thorrold, Simon R.Editor/Subject matter Editor20052009
Tieszen, Larry L.Editor/Subject matter Editor19801981
Tilman, DavidEditor/Subject matter Editor19821984
Todd, Brian D.Editor/Subject matter Editor2015present
Tompkins, Daniel M.Editor/Subject matter Editor20092014
Tonn, William M.Editor/Subject matter Editor19972000
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