Frank A. Pitelka

Frank A. Pitelka
Born: Chicago, IL 3/27/1916; died 10/10/2003
Education: Illinois (B.S. 1939); California (Ph.D. 1946)
Dissertation title:  Speciation and ecologic distribution in American jays of the genus Aphelocoma
Adviser: Alden Miller
Comments: Also influenced by Victor Shelford and Charles Kendeigh as an undergraduate.
Primary specialty: Zoology
Teaching history: California 1946-1985 (became emeritus)
Ph.D. students: 37 including Richard B. Root, Gordon Orians, George Batzli, Jerram Brown, Richard Holmes, Walter Koenig, Pete Myers, and David Winkler
ESA offices and honors: Mercer Award 1953; Eminent Ecologist 1992
Others influenced: 11 post docs including Tom Cade, Paul Sherman, Janis Dickenson, and Charles Krebs
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