Jean H. Langenheim

Jean H. Langenheim
Born: Homer, LA, 9/5/1925, as Jean C. Harmon (married R. L. Langenheim, Jr, 1946—thereafter known as Jean H. Langenheim); Died: Santa Cruz, CA, 3/28/2021.
Education: Tulsa (B.S.1946), Minnesota (M.S. 1949; Ph.D. 1952)
Dissertation title: Vegetation and environmental patterns in the Crested Butte Area, Gunnison County, Colorado (Ecol. Mon. 32:249-85 )
Advisor: W. S. Cooper (C)
Teaching history: Mills College, (1955-56), San Francisco College for Women (1956-59), Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (1955-62), University of California Santa Cruz (1966-1994).
Comments: Influenced as an undergraduate by Harriet G. Barclay who had M.S. with W. S. Cooper and Ph.D. with H. C. Cowles.
Ph.D. students; others influenced: David Lincoln; Jonathan Gershenzon
ESA offices and honors: Vice President, 1981-82; President, 1986-87; Fellow 2012
ESA links: Presidential bio | Presidential address
Archived papers: Jean H. Langenheim Papers UA.068, UC Santa Cruz Archives of Faculty Papers