S. Charles Kendeigh

S. Charles Kendeigh
Born: Amherst, OH 12/18/1904; died 11/13/1986
Education: Oberlin (A.B, 1926; A.M. 1927); Nebraska (1927-28; no degree); Illinois (Ph.D. 1930).
Dissertation title: The role of environment in the life of birds (Ecol. Mon. 4:301-417)
Adviser: Victor E. Shelford (C)
Comments: Influenced by John E. Weaver while at Nebraska.
Teaching history: Western Reserve Univ. 1930-36; Illinois 1936-73.
Ph.D. Students: Eugene P. Odum, Robert H. Whittaker
Others influenced: Frank A. Pitelka (undergraduate)
ESA honors and awards: President 1950-51; Eminent Ecologist 1978.
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Archived Papers: S. Charles Kendeigh Papers at Illinois | Some correspondence in the Dreyer Papers and Lindsey Papers at UGA/ESA Archives
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