Richard T. T. Forman

Richard T. T. Forman
Born: Richmond, VA 11/10/1935
Education: Haverford (B. S. 1957), Penn (Ph.D. 1961)
Dissertation title: Growth under controlled conditions, an explanation of the distribution patterns of the moss Tetraphis pellucida
Adviser: Ralph O. Erickson
Comments: Also influenced by William Denison (undergraduate); Henry J. Oosting, W. Dwight Billings, Lewis E. Anderson, D. R. Goddard (Ph.D)
Teaching History: Escuela Agricola Panamericana (Honduras) 1962-63; Wisconsin 1963-66; Rutgers 1966-84; Harvard 1984-present
Ph. D. Students: G. E. Lang, R. E. J. Boerner, B. T. Milne, M. J. McDonnell, E. W. B. Russell, S. K. Collinge, A. M. Hersperger, L. A. Augustine
Others influenced: M. F. Buell, P. G. Pearson, E. W. Stiles, M. Godron, J. Baudry, J. F. Franklin, M. W. Binford, M. Brenner, W. Dramstad, R. I. McDonald, P. Grubb, G. F. Peterken, J. Acebillo, S. Alarcon, M. Montlleo, X. Mayor, D. Lindenmayer, D. Sperling, A. P. Clevenger, A. Bennett, K. C. Parsons
ESA offices and honors: Vice President 1982-83; Fellow 2012
External links: Wikipedia; Harvard faculty website