Barrington Moore to A.G. Vestal, re: book review, 1930

Anyhow, whether this is consolation or not, your work will be very helpful to the readers of ECOLOGY, and is greatly appreciated. If the question of how severely to criticize bothers you too much, you always have the alternative of taking up the worst faults with the authors…

Barrington Moore, 1883-1966
Barrington Moore, 1883-1966

Barrington Moore, Editor-in-Chief of Ecology, responds to A. G. Vestal’s difficulty in reviewing Plant Ecology by Weaver and Clements. Vestal’s long review, published in Ecology in January 1931, pointed out that some ecologists thought that Clementsian views of succession were too orderly and too simple to fit the facts. (A. G. Vestal papers).
From the ESA Archives: Ecology editor Moore to Vestal, 1930

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