Stanley A. Cain

Stanley A. Cain
Born: Jefferson Co. IN 6/19/1902; died 4/1/1995
Education: Butler Univ. (B.S. 1924); Chicago (M.S. 1927, Ph.D. 1930)
Dissertation title: An ecological study of the heath balds of the Great Smoky Mountains. (Butler Univ. Bot. Stud. 1:117-208)
Adviser: George D. Fuller (C)
Comments: Ray C. Friesner introduced him to field ecology at Butler. Henry C. Cowles was adviser for M.S. and strongest influence at Chicago.
Teaching history: Butler Univ. 1925-31; Indiana 1931-33; Tennessee 1935-46; Michigan 1950-65, 1968-74; UC-Santa Cruz 1974-?
Ph. D. Students: Arthur W. Cooper, John E. Potzger(?)
Others influenced: W. Dwight Billings, Rexford Daubenmire (undergraduate), Robert B. Platt
ESA offices and honors: Treasurer 1939-40, 1943; Vice-President 1953; Member at Large 1955-56; President 1958; Eminent Ecologist 1969.
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Archived Papers: Stanley A. Cain papers at UC Santa Cruz
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