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Tribute Gallery

In addition to all the generous contributions we received for the Henry L. Gholz National SEEDS Field Trip Endowment, we are so pleased that so many thoughtful notes have been shared with us. Here are some of the most inspiring and heartwarming that we are delighted to share with you.
Official logo of SEEDS, Diverse People for a Diverse Science.

Henry was a wonderful colleague and friend. We are very happy to be able to help with this endowment.

Carol B. and Paul A.

Henry & I were cohort faculty members at University of Florida … a great guy and outstanding professor.

G Ronnie

Henry was so giving of his time and intellect. I am thrilled that his legacy will live on.


Henry supported so many of us in the scientific enterprise – so strongly empowering us at our early career stages – it’s a privilege to add a small amount to continue his legacy.


I appreciated Henry’s support when I was a graduate student and his continued support and friendship up until the last time I saw him. He was a wonderful person with a generous spirit. I miss him and think of him whenever I think of Florida tree canopies.


I appreciate all that Henry did to help SEEDS and ecology in general as an amazing scientist and friend. His work with LTER was another great contribution to helping students find a career in ecology. 


Henry was a mentor and dear friend. We still really miss him. What a great way to honor his legacy of “ambitious inclusion” (to quote Dr. Kathy Ewel).


Field trips to important ecologically important sites were an integral part of my graduate education…. This fund and the travel fund for students will provide an enduring benefit to our science.


Henry Gholz – one of the absolute best. 

Henry Gholz in tie-dye pants and head bandana plus a white linen shirt and Aviator sunglasses.
Portrait image of Henry L. Gholz in Sacramento modeling designer fashion using sustainable materials at the 2014 ESA Annual Meeting.

[We] so wish we had the opportunity to get to know Henry


I had the pleasure of working with Henry while we were both at NSF. He was a terrific person. This endowment is a wonderful way to honor his memory and many contributions to ecology.


I never knew Henry, but his vision and actions have the spirit of including diversity in ecology in a way that I think is essential for the success of the ecological community. Thank you Henry, and thank you Phil, for your matching contribution to such a good cause.


Being part of the SEEDS community has changed my life, and I will do whatever I can to support sustaining this program for as long as possible. I truly believe it gave me the building blocks and confidence to get where I am today as a person of color in STEM. 


SEEDS changed my life by giving me many opportunities. I am also thrilled to give back by being a judge for this trip’s applications. I am grateful for the opportunities the students receive through SEEDS. Keep up the good work, SEEDS! You are a treasure to our young students.

People collect specimens near the shore.

I had the great honor of working with Henry Gholz for many years when he was the NSF Program Officer for the LTER program. It also was my good fortune to have had Phil Taylor as my NSF Program Officer for a significant fraction of my career. One cannot have better colleagues than these two dedicated scientists, and I can think of no better way to honor these individuals than by contributing to the Henry L. Gholz SEEDS National Field Trip Endowment to help make ESA more welcoming and diverse. 


It is wonderful to be able to honor Henry in service to such a remarkable program.


Good luck in your goal and the future leaders of ecology. Smooth seas and fair winds.


Happy to contribute to this worthy endowment and take advantage of Phil Taylor’s generous match.


Henry took my class in plant physiology at Oregon State, and then worked for me part time for a year or so, mainly processing data and samples. He was a good worker, and a good student. I saw him only once or twice in later years, encounters that I enjoyed. I am pleased to help with this effort in his memory.


[We are] very excited to [make] this tribute to Henry continuing to be a force for ecological education.

Ann and Mark

Henry was a wonderful person and this is a great way to remember him.


I am happy to donate to this wonderful cause that my friend, Henry, established. I wish I could give more.


For the students and Henry’s memory.


This donation is in gratitude for the dedication and untiring effort by the SEEDS staff. Their leadership and generosity has led a transformation in professional societies realizing their role and responsibility in diversifying the ecological research community.


ecology needs diversity!


Thank you for the opportunity to help empower the next generation of ecologists!

SEEDS National Field Trip to Hubbard Brook LTER Oct 2022
A SEEDS Field Trip

SEEDs field trips are a critical part of the program’s success by building lifelong connections to the land and it’s people. Plus, they are LOTS of fun!


In memory of Henry’s generous spirit.


Henry was a friend and a long-time mentor. He set a high marks in so many areas.


Henry was a wonderful person and this is a great way to remember him.


Had an amazing time while I was a part of the SEEDS program.


I hope all the participants enjoy these trips as much as the field trips I went on as a grad student.

Henry Gholz

Henry was a friendly, kind, and devoted supporter and promoter of long-term ecological research. We were so sad that he lost his life so soon after retiring to live in the West, which he loved.


SEEDS was so personally encouraging to me as a student and supportive of my work. I am so happy to give back to this program and to diversify the field of ecology for future students. Viva SEEDS!


I loved working with SEEDS and all of the outstanding future ecologists and leaders in the field! I will continue to donate to this incredible program every year – you all are doing amazing work!


I am happy to have the opportunity in retirement to increase diversity in the field of ecology with my contribution.


Supporting these students because I was once in their place.


Henry was a wonderful person and scientist, supporting so many younger than him with his time and encouraging words. Three instances stand out to me: 1) Working with Masaaki Yamada to come up with a fantastic doctoral project, 2) Kindness and friendship shown to Dr. Nazare Macedo of Acre, Brazil, and 3) Simply expressing his joy when he learned that I had received a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. Providing opportunities for greater representation in science is key to growing and improving the scientific community.


In Memory of Dr. Henry L. Gholz

November 24, 1951 ~ September 30, 2017