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Equity and Excellence in Ecology Endowment

Build Equity and Excellence in Ecology

Empower the Best Ecologists

Your contribution to the Equity and Excellence in Ecology endowment lowers critical barriers and facilitates the full participation of scientists historically underrepresented in ecology.

Collage of professional ecologists.

Proceeds from the Equity and Excellence in Ecology endowment will advance ESA’s diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) initiatives. Its initial goal is to raise $400,000 to fully fund the ESA Excellence in Ecology (EEE) Scholarships in perpetuity. Additional funds will support other initiatives as prioritized by the ESA Diversity Committee.

A circle of people sketched in colors of crayon with feel all intersected at a central point.

About the Endowment

In 2021, ESA seeded several initiatives in response to recommendations from its DEIJ task force. These included the ESA Excellence in Ecology (EEE) Scholarships, publications waivers and a diversity development program for ESA leaders.  The first stage of the endowment is to raise $400,000, which will sustain the EEE Scholarships and other initiatives prioritized by the Diversity Committee.

The endowment will support ESA’s commitment to making the ecological sciences more inclusive with steps that remove barriers to the full participation, retention and promotion of scholars who have traditionally been excluded or underrepresented in our community.

About the EEE Scholarship

The ESA Excellence in Ecology scholarship is intended for early–mid career ESA members who have traditionally been excluded or underrepresented in our community. Ecologists who have achieved a PhD within the last 20 years from all areas of basic and applied research are eligible.

The EEE Scholarship comes with an award of $5,000 and support for research, travel to ESA annual meeting, family care, open-acesss publication.

It was implemented in 2021 by the ESA Governing Board in response to recommendations from ESA’s DEIJ Task Force.

ESA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice Initiatives

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the human face of all colors super imposed on each other.

Black Voices Collection

This collection of articles employs a myriad of approaches with historical and contemporary lenses, highlighting Black scholars across early stages within collaborative teams to illuminate novel avenues of enquiry. 

Annual Meeting
Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships

The ESA Annual Meeting Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship was created to support speakers who bring diverse perspectives to the ESA annual meeting at the interface of science, education, communication, policy and community. 

Governance, Partnerships and Access

A few people pose in front of a SEEDS banner at the annual meeting.
Left: Sharon Collinge and Carmen Cid at 2022 SACNAS. Right: Adrienne Sponberg, SEEDS alumna Angelique Rosa Marin and Conchi Rodriguez Fourquet.

ESA reinforces commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ)

Dancers in traditional United States Native American dress.
PowWow at AISES 2022 conference, CA
A group of students work together in a workshop.
ESA co-leads careers workshop at AISES 2022


  • Building Awareness of our Diverse ESA Members and DEIJ Issues in Ecology
  • Building Support for Career Development of Diverse ESA Members
  • Building a Network of Diverse ESA Members and DEIJ-focused Partners

Be a Founding Donor

A row of participants pose near a cliff with the Pacific Ocean in the background.
SEEDS Regional Field to NPS Point Reyes, CA
A bonfire with some people standing around.
SEEDS students around a campfire at Sevilleta LTER, NM

By September 2025, ESA aims to raise $200,000 for the Equity and Excellence in Ecology endowment. Each donor who helps us reach this immediate goal will be recognized as a Founding Donor. Your generous donation will allow ESA to pave the way for equitable and just access to resources for scientists who have historically been underrepresented and ensure that their perspectives are visible in the ecological community.

Build Equity and Excellence in Ecology