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ESA Career Fair

Watch this Space for Information about the 2019 ESA Annual Meeting Career Fair


Past Events

2018 ESA Annual Meeting Career Fair

Welcome to ESA’s first ever Career Fair  held at the ESA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA in 2018 . This event is an excellent opportunity for students to explore possible career options they might not consider otherwise and, with the help of professionals in the field, gain insight into how to prepare for them. Please keep in mind that the fair is geared for graduate students, although it is open to undergraduates or recent graduates attending as well.  

Goals of the Career Fair

To provide information about careers beyond academia

  1. To help participants explore how their academic background can be transferred to a wide range of jobs
  2. To help participants gain insight into the skills that are important in careers other than academic research
  3. To help participants explore how to pitch their qualifications in resumes and interviews
  4. To facilitate networking with professionals in multiple sectos

Career Fair Schedule

Please refer to the full schedule for session times:

Session Types

There will be five types of sessions, each lasting about 50 minutes. Some of the sessions are offered as a single session and others as concurrent breakouts.

  • Interview Demo – single session
  • Panels – single session
  • Mini-workshops – concurrent
  • Information Sessions – concurrent
  • Résumé Reviews – concurrent

For more information about each of these formats, please visit:

Where and when will the Career Fair take place?

The Career Fair will take place daily Monday 8/6 to Thursday 8/9 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the back of Hall E in the convention center. 

Career Fair Journeys

ESA invited professionals in different career paths, including our Career Fair presenters, to share their career journeys and offer advice to students! Check out their wonderful stories and tips!!