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What’s Your Favorite Virtual Field Trip?

ESA Water Cooler Chat  – April 3, 2020

Virtual field trips are especially useful now, but they can add a lot to the scientific experience even under less stressful circumstances. Bring yourself and your favorite beverage to a loose chat about field trips.

Hosted by
Jonathan Miller, Ecological Society of America

Summary of Resources Shared during the Chat

Yosemite Virtual Field Trip

The Nature Conservancy Virtual Field Trips

PBS Virtual Field Trips

National Parks Virtual Field Trips  

Nature Live Cams

San Diego Zoo Kids Live Cams

Tropical Reefs Live Cam

Penguin Watch

E-Bird Videos

NEON Phenocams

Phenology Visualization Tool

Monarch Watch

Phenocam Network

Forest Service Nature Live

National Geographic Cave Exploration

Padlet Backyard Ecology  

Google Arts and Culture

2020 City Nature Challenge

Ocean Observatories Initiative

Viti Canopy App