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Assessing Student Online Learning During a Coronavirus Pandemic

ESA Water Cooler Chat #3

Now that you have made the switch to teach your courses online, the next thing on your mind are student assessments. How will assessing student learning differ from what you have done before? In what ways are your assessments the same? In what ways do your assessments reflect meaningful and inclusive pedagogical approaches?

Hosted by
Kaitlin Stack Whitney, Rochester Institute of Technology

Summary of Resources Shared during the Chat

ESA 4DEE Framework

Why to Avoid Time Limited Tests

Avoiding Plagiarism Detectors

Policy Against the Use of Plagiarism Detection Software

Privacy and Surveillance Online

Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education

What If We Didn’t Grade? A Bibliography

Ungrading: What is it and why should we use it?

How to Ungrade

Ungrading FAQ

When Grading Less is More

Characterizing College Science Assessments


Inclusive Teaching Resources & Strategies

What are inclusive assessment practices?

Inclusive Assessment Reflection Activity

 Best Practices for Inclusive Assessment

Criterion Referenced Assessment

Inclusive Online Assessment

Assessing Student Learning Online

Big Picture Planning for Student Assessment

Assessing Online Learning: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities

Q&A: Toward Better Assessments in Online Courses

Best practices and tips for open-book, take-home exams