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Turning Field Exercises and Courses 4D

ESA Education’s Water Cooler Chat March 12, 2021 

ESA’s Four-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) framework challenges educators to go integrate multiple dimensions in the teaching and learning of ecology. Field skills are core to how ecological sciences are conducted. How do field exercises and field courses fit into the overall 4DEE framework?  How does 4DEE change the way field exercises and courses should be taught in an already crowded curriculum? How can field exercises and courses be an inclusive experience? What in fact, should students know and be able to do when it comes to field work?  Bring your favorite beverage on this Water Cooler Chat for practical ideas on Turning Field Exercises and Courses 4D

Guest Hosts:

Bruce Grant, Widner University

Gretchen Le Buhn, San Francisco State University