Legislative Tracker

Legislative Tracking

ESA keeps track of the status legislation relevant to ecology introduced during the 116th Congress here. The 116th Congress began in January 2018 and will end in January 2020.

This tracker can be sorted by sponsor, committee, status and more. The latest update column refers to the date of the latest change in the bill’s status. The tracker also contains additional sheets for subtopics of interest. Current subtopics are oceans and coasts, invasive species and forests.

Only a small percentage of bill introduced to each Congress get a vote and become law. For example, in the 115th Congress (2016-2018), a total of 13,556 pieces of legislation were introduced. Of those bills, 867 received a vote and 443 became law (source). In order to be considered during the 116th Congress, bills that did not pass in previous Congresses must be reintroduced.