Call for Experts in Hurricane Aftermath

Dear ESA Member,

ESA is asking for members to sign up to be a point of contact for any media inquiries and requests from government officials or organizations to provide information in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

Ecological information is needed now to help inform the media on the ecological implications of the storm. As you know, Hurricane Dorian devastated large areas of the Bahamas and will impact millions of people in the U.S

Very soon, elected officials, governments or organizations may request ecological knowledge from ESA to help inform rebuilding and restoration efforts in the affected areas. In the recent past, ESA members served in these capacities post-Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Katrina.

Please register with ESA if you can speak to the media or provide information to elected officials, organizations, or governments.


If I register, what is the process used?  

ESA will provide your name and contact information to our media list and when requested, or with your permission, ESA will also post your name, contact information and area of expertise on our website. Public Affairs Office staff will notify you if we share your information directly to with the requesting party.

ESA steps out of the picture at this point unless anyone involved in this scenario needs our assistance. We aim to make this a clear and easy process, but we are always available if needed to provide more information or guidance.

Can ESA provide any tips for working with the media?  

Yes, ESA Public Affairs staff is happy to prep or coach you. Email to ask for assistance.

Would I be formally representing ESA or just myself?
You would only be representing yourself, and not speaking for ESA in a public capacity.

ESA’s policy activities work to infuse ecological knowledge into national policy decisions through activities such as policy statements, Capitol Hill briefings, Congressional Visits Days and coalition involvement. Policy News Updates are bi-monthly summaries of major environmental and science policy news. They are produced by the Public Affairs Office of the Ecological Society of America.

Send questions or comments to  Alison Mize, director of public affairs,, or Nicole Zimmerman, public affairs manager,

Visit the ESA website to learn more about our activities and membership.


Author: ESA Public Affairs

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