Good-bye ESA, a farewell photo gallery

By Nadine Lymn, ESA director of public affairs

After 21 years working for the Ecological Society of America, first as communications officer and then as director of public affairs, I feel like I’ve kind of “grown up” with ESA.  During my time here, I got to see ESA go from a mostly volunteer-run organization to one with a professional staff of thirty. The Society opened a headquarters office in Washington, DC and learned what goes into effectively managing a mid-size scientific organization. It launched its Issues in Ecology series and the journals Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment and Ecosphere and started a blog. It worked to increase human diversity in our field through its award-winning SEEDS program. And members sought out more opportunities to share ecological science beyond our community. I am deeply grateful to our members and my colleagues for the wealth of experiences and happy memories I’m taking with me. Hope you enjoy some of my favorites in this photo gallery.

Author: Nadine Lymn

ESA Director of Public Affairs

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