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Peer-to-peer portal established amid COVID-19 disruptions

Dear ESA Members, ESA is thinking about all those who are affected by the disruption to daily life caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus). We are concerned about the impact that the spread of this disease will personally have on members of the ecologic and the greater scientific community. We hope you remain safe and that daily operations return to normal…

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Help restore Australia’s unique ecosystems and donate now to the Ecological Society of Australia’s Ecosystem Recovery Fund

Dear ESA Members, Today, I am writing to you regarding the Ecosystem Recovery Fund that the Ecological Society of Australia is launching to help with ecological recovery efforts from the unprecedented fires that have devastated an enormous extent of Australia’s ecosystems. I am sure you have seen the news and are aware of the substantial impact that this tragedy had…

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ESA Selects 2020 Katherine S. McCarter Graduate Student Policy Award Recipients

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is honored to announce this year’s Katherine S. McCarter Graduate Student Policy Award (GSPA) recipients. This award provides graduate students with the opportunity to receive policy and communication training in Washington, D.C. before they meet lawmakers. ESA selected twelve students to receive the award: Tiffany L. Betras (University of Pittsburgh), Callie R. Chappell (Stanford…

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Caught on camera, pollinating opossums confirm decades-long theory

New footage of nocturnal pollination of plants by opossums brings light to unpublished research nearly thirty years old In Brazil there is a plant so strange that researchers predicted – and 27 years later, proved – that opossums are key to its pollination. The findings are published in the Ecological Society of America’s journal Ecology. The plant Scybalium fungiforme, a…

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The Ecology of Bourbon Country

By Bruce A. Byers Just north of what is now Frankfort, Kentucky, the capital of the state, the Kentucky River, flowing north at that point, makes a right-angle bend to the west. Sandbars developed at that turn, creating a shallow ford where bison crossed the river on annual migrations from east to west and back. Daniel Boone passed here, following…

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Fantastic Grandmothers and Where to Find Them

Seven snorkeling grandmothers helped scientists uncover a large population of venomous sea snakes in a bay popular with residents and cruise passengers Amateur enthusiasts are changing the game for science and research. Citizen passion for hands-on experience with nature is helping scientists gather more and more data each day. Many of these citizen-science led projects rely on enthusiastic children and…

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Headshot of 2018-2019 ESA President Laura Huenneke

Philanthropic roots yielding fruit at ESA’s meeting

Blogpost from ESA President Laura Huenneke July 29, 2019 As I’ve written here previously, the Ecological Society of America works hard to manage its financial resources for the broadest possible benefit of its members. We strive to keep dues, meeting registration fees, and the cost of our services as low as possible to maximize access and value. Grants from governmental…

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Giant Tortoises Migrate Unpredictably in the Face of Climate Change

Unlike many migratory species, Galapagos giant tortoises do not use current environmental conditions to time their seasonal migration Galapagos giant tortoises, sometimes called Gardeners of the Galapagos, are creatures of habit. In the cool dry season, the highlands of the volcano slopes are engulfed in cloud which allows the vegetation to grow despite the lack of rain. On the lower…

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