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ESA Staff is at the Annual Meeting in Montreal. Meeting Website

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ESA Releases Position Statement on Biofuels Sustainability

On January 10, ESA released a position statement that offers the ecological principles necessary for biofuels to help decrease dependence on fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global climate change. The Society warns that the current mode of biofuels production will degrade the nation’s natural resources and will keep biofuels from becoming a viable energy option….

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Student Educational Outreach Initiative

I sit here finally home after a very long summer of incredible experiences. One of the most amazing experiences was coordinating and participating in the first ever Educational Outreach field trip at the ESA Annual Meeting.

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Pole Dancing

When you are out in the cold, taking samples and measurements, do you sometimes get “jiggy with it” to keep warm? Then perhaps pole dancing is for you—dancing at the North or South Pole that is. March 1, 2007 marks the beginning of International Polar Year (IPY), an international and multidisciplinary effort involving 50,000 people from more than 60 countries in Arctic and Antarctic research.

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SEEDS Leadership Meeting, San Jose CA (DAY 1)

Long flights, rain and cold weather could not stop the energy and excitement of the SEEDS fellows arriving here in San Jose, CA. Old fellows are excited to be here again with friends and new fellows are excited to meet new friends.

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