What is Your Vision for Ecology and ESA in the Future?

From ESA President Sharon Collinge – seeking your ideas:

As I launch into a year as ESA President, I am looking forward to collaborating with everyone in the ESA community to advance our mission. In addition to continuing our focus on making ESA more inclusive through DEIJ activities, I am seeking your ideas to advance the ESA Visioning Project, a new effort announced in August that will be coordinated by the Governing Board and other ESA leaders.

This project will span over a year, will engage students, former members, early career professionals, current members, international members, industry, government, faculty, and others in a dialogue about where ecology is today and what ESA needs to be tomorrow in response. This project is our chance to intentionally discuss and design the Society’s trajectory for the next ten years.

As we begin these dialogs, we are seeking your ideas on key visioning questions. We gathered quite a few comments on a poster stationed in the ESA booth at the Annual Meeting in Montreal.  Now we would like to allow all of you to provide your ideas.

The goal is not to identify problems, something negative to move away from, but instead a vision, something positive to move toward

  • How might ESA better serve ecology and ecologists in the 21st century?
  • How might ESA ensure its relevance to early career and future ecologists?
  • How might ESA engage to keep members informed and enhance collaborations with other communities?
  • What will be ESA’s highest contribution to the future?

The voices of all of our members matter; please go here to submit your ideas.  Collectively we will advance ESA into the future.


Sharon Collinge
President, ESA